this tank's main weapon is unique. it upgrades from the smasher. recoil is disabled.


the tank has three auto guns spaced equally around it's exterior, and a grey circle serving as the artillery cannon. the artillery cannons bullets are unique. instead of choosing the direction you want to fire, wherever you click is where the bullet will land. when fired, the bullet is semi-transparent. it passes through polygons and tanks until it's at where you clicked. it then gains opacity until it is fully visible. it then expands while becoming transparent, stimulating an explosion. thus, any tank touching it while it "explodes" takes damage.


this tank becomes larger than the smasher, and gains the weapons listed above. view range is doubled, and all points are refunded. the main weapon fires once every four seconds. the auto guns act exactly like the guns on the auto 3. the range of the main gun is anywhere in your view range.



this tank is useful as it can kill potential threats before they know you're there. although it can be hard to use the main gun, it can be devastating. it's weak against fast firing tanks and tanks with high health regen or speed. otherwise, it's quite strong against anything else.


the best combination for taking this out is any fast firing tank with high health, health regen, and high speed. with speed, it will be hard for the heavy artillery to hit you, and with high health regen and plain high health, if it does hit you, it won't be an insta-kill and you will hopefully be at full health next time it hits you. the fast firing weapon(s) will overwhelm it, as it's main gun has slow firing speed and hopefully can't hit you in the first place.

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