Heptone is the Hesperian... who isn't. Only Lord Sassafras knows why.


Heptone is no longer a member of the Sassa Club, contrary to popular belief. In fact, she is no longer a Hesperian by decree of Sassafrexen. Those in the know say she has links to the missing member. Despite her happy appearance, she is actually insane. She was banished from the Sassa Club for many reasons, primarily, the near-assassination of Derpii. She was locked away in an excluded part of the Realm, until she found her way back with help from enemies from Wintercrest. She is only manifested in the game under certain requirements. She used to be the leader of the Sassa Club, before she decided to betray everyone, and use Novementha as a sockpuppet. If she spawns, she will deduct around 100 IE Energy a minute multiplied by the number of her current phase of battle.


Heptone features a pink Heptagonal body as a base, with an eye shaped like a Eighth note. On each side are 3 Gunner barrels grouped together, with the exception of one side that is missing its center barrel.


Heptone was one of the last ones in the club to be created, becoming the sole leader. After Zelena was created, Heptone decided to test a theory. She decided to see if killing a Hesperian with her own weapons could accumulate many times more IE energy than simply gathering it. The fallacy was that Hesperians aren't made of IE Energy, they are enhanced by it and thus use very little in the process. But Heptone didn't know that. She sent Novementha to do the job; Novementha didn't know that he would indirectly kill one of his own. What she asked Novementha to do was to lead Zelena around a certain tanning salon that happened to be Derpii's favorite, to help her learn about the area around her. And she asked him to place objects in very specific places. The aftermath was bitter; someone found out, and the news got around to Sassafrexen. Novementha was then exiled for a crime he didn't know he committed. Zelena eventually figured everything out. While the miscommunication was cleared up and Heptone was exiled, Novementha wasn't found afterward. Recent searches for Heptone have resulted in her being nowhere to be found... but maybe she is hiding in the shadows somewhere. Aegle, perhaps?


Heptone has 73,000 health, much more than any of the other Sassa Club members. She is also much more powerful than even Sentiquet, a by-product of IE-enhanced insanity. Sentiquet has a nasty streak, but it's nowhere near the power unleashed by malevolent insanity influenced by IE energy. This is contrary to Happyfras's form of insanity, who has a form of mild mischievous insanity, which while it makes it dangerous to his enemies (of which he practically has none.)

The Fight

Encountering Heptone

Heptone can be found in the Berken Park, a kidney-shaped park situated on the border between the Hesperia and Aegle provinces. On certain days (namely the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 12th, 19th, and 31st of each month) Oganesson can be found spending quality time with a sarfassaS. Why is this important? It's because, on those days, an area in the park might have a small hole in the ground with snow covering it. Players are just barely able to enter, and the entrance functions similar to a secret wall in the Tower of Gladii, as players don't know that they're damaging the entrance until it's been destroyed. A room is seen with many decorations, including a seemingly empty heptagonal Hesperian shell in the center, and a small weapon beside it with engravings in Runic that translates to "Light of the Husk". If shot at, the empty shell gains an eye and springs to life, ready to fight. It's Heptone.

Phase 1

In Phase 1, Heptone starts attacking using a small attack select but moves extremely fast. Oganesson and his sarfassaS friend will pop in and help fight Heptone at 98% health, at which point Heptone will teleport everyone out of the cave to the exterior. If all players for whatever reason attempt to leave the park (which is fairly large and serves as the "arena" zone for Heptone,) Heptone forcibly teleports them back in.


Heptone's Telescope attack.

  • Firing Volley: Heptone blasts players with her 20 barrels with continuous streams of bullets for 10 seconds.
  • Beam Burst: Heptone fires a laser from her eye that does high damage.
  • Hesperian Hate: Heptone uses Beam Burst, but with a dark tan laser that does triple damage if the target is a Hesperian.
  • Eye of the Behater: Heptone's eye turns green, and she inflicts Poisoned on 5 players for 10 seconds, then 10 players for 15 seconds.
  • Heavy Cannon: Heptone merges up to 4 sets of her barrels into Annihilator barrels and releases 5 bullets from them each.
  • Stave Sweep: Heptone extends her eight note thing and spins around, smashing into players for high damage.
  • Bolt Slash: Heptone conducts electricity with her eight note thing and strikes up to 3 targets for high damage. She will prioritize Hesperians with this attack.
  • Point Pierce: Heptone extends a Sniper barrel from the side with a missing Gunner barrel, and pops a spike out of it. The spike is fired out and homes in on all players at a blinding speed, dealing high damage to all players within 10 seconds. It explodes on the last player, dealing very high area damage and inflicting Bleeding for 3 seconds.
  • Telescope: Heptone's pupil expands to almost fill the entirety of her eye as she moves her eighth note thing to directly on her head. She fires a sniper laser at players, dealing massive damage that can be mitigated if it hits Oganesson instead.

Phase 2


Heptone in Phase 2.

In Phase 2 at 52,000 health, Heptone reveals her corruption by ripping out the eighth note thing. Her barrels noticeably start loosening from their sockets, giving a very disturbing image to Heptone. Heptone can use all of her attacks in Phase 1.


Heptone's Barricade attack.


Heptone's Clubbed Sass attack.

New Attacks:

  • Barricade: Heptone explodes all of her barrels into a grouped barrel formation that shields her from all damage for 10 seconds. If players get too close when she activates this attack, they are dealt medium damage and knocked back.
  • Blast Burn: Heptone fires a cone of fire from her weapon. It expands to 100 tiles in radius and covers a massive area, dealing high damage and Burning for 3 seconds afterward.
  • Spearfishing: Heptone throws her weapon to hit a target area that is marked. If more than one player is present within the target area, only one player will be impaled. dealing critical damage to them and immobilizing them for 30 seconds.
  • Negaspice Rush: Heptone starts spinning her weapon in a manner similar to Sassafrexen's Sassa Dash attack, and dashes without turning towards players. Players who are hit are caught on Heptone's weapon for medium damage, but any more players hit will increase the amount of damage taken by those players and those who are already stuck with Heptone. When Heptone has dashed 4 times, she sprays powder onto the caught players, inflicting Poisoned for 8 seconds before smashing the weapon on the ground to deal even more damage and shake the hapless players off. Hesperians may also get caught, but if Heptone rams into Oganesson, the attack will end immediately.
  • Plasma Burn: Heptone creates six clones of herself that are Invincible, and they all teleport into a heptagon shape around the largest group of players. The Heptones spray the players with plasma, dealing high damage and inflicting Broken for 15 seconds if players do not get out of the plasma spray after 6 seconds.
  • Hesperian Decimation: Heptone prioritizes Hesperians with this attack. She moves toward a Hesperian, swinging her weapon like crazy while completely ignoring players. If the Hesperian is not Oganesson, it will run away quickly while babbling nonsense. If it is Oganesson, he will tank the attack by spraying bullets in Heptone's distorted face. This is a good opportunity for players to burn Heptone down as much as possible without fear of her attacking back for the 35-45 seconds this behavior is active.
  • Clubbed Sass: Heptone uses her weapon to whack players, dealing high damage and knockback. If she hits Oganesson, he will dump liquid IE Energy on her, making her very angry.

Phase 3


Heptone in Phase 3.

"Carnage... CARNAGE!"
Heptone's body cracks in half, to reveal a new form within in Phase 3. Her body turns a deep red in Phase 3 at 37,000 health, and her weapon turns red as well. Her distorted pink eye sinks into her body, also turning red and becoming very unsettling. Heptone can use all of her attacks from Phases 1 and 2, except Point Pierce and Heavy Cannon.

New Attacks:

  • Fury Strike: Heptone attacks players by crashing into them, inflicting Bleeding, Burning, and Broken all at once for 10 seconds. This behavior lasts for 25 seconds, and Heptone will often target the same players over and over. To avoid this attack, players must group up behind Oganesson, as if Heptone crashes into Oganesson, he will use his explosive hats to deal massive damage to Heptone.
  • Bleed Burst: Heptone fires a series of Thorn Mine Thorns from her barrels, dealing medium damage and inflicting Bleeding and Blinded for 5 and 3 seconds respectively.
  • Anger Bolt: Heptone charges up an extremely powerful dark red pulse laser that deals massive damage to a single target, and inflicts ALL players with Broken and Weakened for 20 seconds.
  • Death Wish: Heptone gains a black aura and controls that aura into the shape of a massive dark Sassafrexen, who rampages as an extension of Heptone's will with 30,000 health and Sassafrexen's Phase 1 attacks. This single-use ability lasts for the remainder of the battle through Phase 4, and will not be resummoned.
  • Firey Slash: Heptone swipes at players, dealing high damage and inflicting Waterflame for 5 seconds.

Phase 4


Heptone in Phase 4.


Heptone's Swords Must Bleed attack.


Heptone's Spraybomber attack.

In Phase 4 at 18,000 health, Heptone breaks away her current shell and reveals hidden wings and grows a spiky metal tail, having completely revealed her true form and turned a dark red color. She can use all of her attacks in Phases 2 and 3, but not 1. Note that each phase from 2 is significantly larger than the previous, to the point where Phase 4 is as large as Sassafrexen.
New Attacks:

  • Wing Slice: Heptone moves at a frightening speed and flies into the sky, dipping down to attack players with her wings, dealing medium damage. Heptone is completely invulnerable during this attack until she lands.
  • Poison Point: Heptone extends her tail and shoots a series of spikes in a 50-degree arc, dealing medium damage and inflicting Poisoned on all players hit for 5 seconds.
  • Power Clash: Heptone starts glowing with heat, and shakes the ground, uprooting environmental effects. If any buildings are nearby, they will collapse, and Hesperians can be seen running in fear from the battle.
  • Burn Splice: Heptone grapples all players into her, and deals massive damage to all players, regardless of their health. There is no way to avoid this attack, but fortunately, it can only be used after Volatility Break has been performed and is rare even then.
  • Spikeshot: Heptone fires out her wing spikes, dealing high damage to players hit and inflicting Bleeding for 3 seconds.
  • Heat Crash: Heptone divides herself into two halves (with the eye split, ugh) and slams into Oganesson, dealing massive damage and stunning him for 20 seconds. If this is done to a player, the player dies instantly regardless of health.
  • Volatility Break: Used at 16,000 health. Heptone inflicts 5 random damaging debuffs on all players as she increases in regeneration rate by 700%, damage dealt by 500%, movement speed by 350%, and damage resistance by 300%. If the dark Sassafrexen copy is still on the battlefield, these buffs also apply to the dark Sassafrexen. Yes, this is massively overpowered, but you'll see why in a moment.
  • Swords Must Bleed: Heptone detaches her wings and extends gray thin blades from her sides. She sweeps her body around, dealing high damage and inflicting Bleeding for 4 seconds.
  • Spraybomber: Heptone breaks apart her wings and extends them out quickly, as a massive cloud of bullets appears from her body and moves outwards, dealing extremely high damage on contact with the wings and medium damage from the bullets. Additionally, the bullets inflict Broken for 7 seconds on contact.

Due to the insane difficulty of Heptone's Phase 4, when Volatility Break occurs, it just so happens that Oganesson called the rest of the Sassa Club to help. The Sassa Club (sans Novementha) will appear out of portals when Volatility Break occurs, and help fight Heptone using their Phase 1 abilities.

Final Attack & Death Animation


Heptone's final attack.

When Heptone reaches 1,000 health, she finishes her current attack and becomes Invincible. She uses the following attack:

  • The New Hesperian Vision: Heptone vanishes, and a massive dark red Hesperian League symbol appears on the field. The symbol has Heptone's wings instead of the multi-pointed star symbol beneath a red eye. The eye starts releasing energy pulses that get stronger over time, and players must move as far as they can, and quickly, as the longer they are in the big AoE, they slow in movement speed until they can move no longer and succumb to the rapidly increasing damage. After all players have moved out or died to the attack, a mini-cutscene plays.

Oganesson and the rest of the Sassa Club can be seen struggling to break out of the vortex, until Oganesson uses an IE Energy-infused Tuple Laser on the center point, revealing an invisible Heptone, who is flung into the air, much to her surprise. Oganesson then finishes off Heptone by firing six lasers from his six eyes, combined with lasers from Zelena and Happyfras. Heptone explodes into a burst of IE Energy, which Oganesson catches with one of his hats for safekeeping. Unfortunately, knowing Oganesson, it won't be this way for long...


Heptone has but one intro quote, said at the beginning of her battle.

"The world ahead of me is something I don't see fit; Why don't you all see my pain? Their pain? I see it; They hide it deep within themselves. I know the answer to all of this. We must kill the leader; This will lead to our release. I too know you aren't on the same level as me, but I don't understand why. Are you under his influence? You all must be. Either come with me, or we must come into conflict."


  • Heptone's eye being an eighth note symbolizes how there were only meant to be 8 members, herself included. Zelena was an accident.
  • Heptone being Seven Sided also alludes to how there are currently only 7 current known active members.
  • Heptone's "Swords Must Bleed" attack is a reference to the Tale of Diep, where "Swords must swing and blood must bleed" is a recurring quote throughout.
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