The Hewn Pelletgun is one of the current Tier 4 Tank upgrades that may be able to upgrade from the Pelletgun class at level 45. The Hewn Pelletgun may not upgrade any further as it is at the end of its tank branch. Idea by Enigmium, Khitrish, and Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL.


The Hewn Pelletgun features a circular tank body as a base a short trapezium mounted onto the front with two Gunner Cannons mounted on top of the shorter one. Mounted onto the sides of the trapezium are two more Gunner Cannons.


Like Hewn Pelletgun's predecessor, the Pelletgun, it features stronger Cannons than Gatling. One of the main differences however is the addition of two other small Cannons to the sides, making it a Hewn variant of its predecessor.

  • Bullet Speed is slightly increased.
  • Bullet Penetration is slightly decreased.


  • Strong Against: Body Damage tanks, low range tanks, slow tanks, low Penetration tanks.
  • Weak Against: High Penetration tanks, Overseer branch, high DPS tanks, Destroyer branch, Artillery branch, high penetration Trapper tanks.

As the Hewn Pelletgun

The same strategy with Gunner and Pelletgun works well. With its upgraded Reload and Bullet speed, low range or penetration tanks will be weaker. Avoid any drone tanks and the Destroyer tanks, since they are likely to be strong enough to go through the bullets.

Against the Hewn Pelletgun

Again, the same strategy against the Gunner and Pelletgun will be effective. High range and/or penetration tanks are most likely to destroy this tank's bullets. Drone tanks and the Destroyer branch might work. Ramming or Body Damage builds of the Destroyer branch might not be as effective. The Artillery branch works incredibly well. Skimmers would also work well against this tank.


  • This actually had around 5 designs before we thought of this design, which is incredibly less clunky than the others.
  • This was originally supposed to be the Hewn Gunner, but thanks to the Pelletgun, this had to change.
  • I'm guessing Hewn will be a new variant of tanks, starting from the Hewn Double.
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