The Hexa Laser is a Tier 4, Level 45 tank that upgrades from the Laser, along with the Ray and the Mega Laser, and the Quad Tank, along with the Octo Tank and the Auto 5. The Hexa Laser upgrades to the Auto Laser.


The Hexa Laser has a circular base with six cannons poking out of it. If you drew an imaginary line through the center of each of the laser cannons, the angle where two neighboring lines meet will always be 60°.



The Hexa Laser is a Laser that shoots six laser beams at a time.


Typical controls.


  • Strong Against: Sniper (all), Trapper, Destroyer, Auto 3, and Flank Guard (excluding Triangle class; including Quad Tank class) class tanks; Gunner;

Weak Against: Tanks with concentrated fire, high RoF, and/or Bullet Penetration and/or Damage; Rammers; Twin, and Reflector class tanks

As the Hexa Laser



  • Laser Penetration and Damage are important.
  • Upgrading Laser Range will allow you to farm more successfully.
  • Spread some points onto other Stats.


  • Use your common sense (if you have any) to find tanks to avoid or kill.

Against the Hexa Laser

  • If you have concentrated fire, good RoF, and high damage or penetration, you should be able to kill the Hexa Laser. If you see some beams, follow them and you may find a Hexa Laser or another Laser class.

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  • There is none for this tank, although there are interesting facts for the laser beams it shoots. You can see them in the Trivia section on this page.

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