Hexer is a tier? 2 tank that upgrades from Tank. It may further upgrade into Smasher, Wizard (Tacocat247), Paladin (lv45), Deprived, or Multibox (lv45). Idea by Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL!


Hexer features a hexagonal body with a gun at the front. Basically it's tank with a hexagon body.


Upon upgrading

  • Body damage increases
  • Health regeneration slightly decreases


  • Strong Against: Tank, Sniper branch
  • Weak Against: Smasher branch

As Hexer

Hexer is like a Smasher with a gun, so you might want to use that to your advantage. use a strategy like 2/7/7/0/5/5/0/7 to your advantage. attack sniper tanks like Assassin as they will not be able to go past you or run away

Against Hexer

use bullet spammers and rammers with high body damage


  • Basically a tier? 2 Smasher.
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