Hexitizer is a Miniboss of the hexagons, has a higher chance of appering than a normal boss.


Has three controllable drone spawners, three cannons and one uncontrollable drone spawner.


Has 1200 HP and has a few simple but effective attacks

Retouch: uses the hexagons in the server as drones

Refill: Spawns all of the drones at once

Hexitizer can have 20 drones, 12 controllable and 8 uncontrollable, in retouch, it has 20+(hexagons) drones. The bullets of the hexitizer have the same damage as an overseer drone with a 0/0/0/7/7/7/7/5 build. Controllable drones have same damage as an overlord drone with full upgrades, uncontrollable drones have the same stats as an overseer drone with a 0/0/0/6/5/7/5 build.

Upon death a tiny rumble is heard.


  • Hexitizer want this tanks original name it has Hexicter. i changed it to this so that's it.
  • based off hexagons (see hexagons and meny polygons at Polygons (Chapsteck4yurlipis) or Polygons (Graviatar4yurlips) and my polygons (warning: Very old.) at Polygon Ideas (Tungster24)
  • THERE I HAVE THREE LINKS YOU STAFF HAPPY?! (take this as a joke pls)
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