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The Hitter is a Fanon Tier 3 Tank that evolves from Puncher and can further evolve into Manipulator, OverHacker, and Predator. Idea and art by Sentinal94K or WindstormTheIcewing. DO NOT STEAL.


When it evolves from Puncher, it gains the ability to see farther. To use this ability, you press and hold Right Click. To make it different from Puncher, it's body turns into a square.


STRONG AGAINST: auto tanks, distracted tanks, tanks with a low FoV

WEAK AGAINST: Everything else

As the Tank:

  • Try for easy kills
  • If you see a distracted drone user, go for the kill
  • Avoid close contact

Against the Tank:

  • As a fast rammer, run is circles around it before killing it
  • Use snipers to kill it


  • Has a square body
  • 1st tank I made with an ability
  • It is the tank in the Puncher branch with the least upgrades
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