Horde Mode

What is it?

Made by AdiTheCoquito333

The horde mode is a game mode where you and your teammates are in a little castle. You can get out from the castle and kill your enemies for collecting coins an summon minions to help your team beating the game. If your castle get destroyed, You lose.

More mechanics

  • In this gamemode there are only squares, so you can destroy them for more points
  • Your coins are shared with your teammates
  • You can only upgrade to these tanks: Machine Gun, Sniper, Twin, Overseer, Gunner, Destroyer, Trapper, Twin Flank and Gunner Trapper.
  • The minons are the next: Small Tank, Small Twin, Small Destroyer, Overseer Drone, Small Triplet, Medium Tank, Medium Destroyer, Medium Twin and Big Tank.
  • If you destroy a square, you get 5 coins and if you destroy an enemy, you get its level in coins.


The minions can help a lot and these are their prizes:

  • Small Tank = 5 Coins
  • Small Twin = 7 Coins
  • Small Destroyer = 10 Coins
  • Small Triplet = 20 Coins
  • Medium Tank (Has better stats) = 10 Coins
  • Medium Twin = 15 Coins
  • Medium Destroyer = 20 Coins
  • Big Tank (Also better) = 30 Coins
  • Overseer Drone (It's a crasher that follows enemies) = 1 Coin

Castle Upgrades

  • Soldier machine I = Automatically summons an Overseer drone (For free) every five seconds and a Small Tank (Free too) every half minute. Costs 25 Coins.
  • Soldier machine II = The same that the previous but also summons a Small Twin every minute. Costs 25 Coins and have the previus too.
  • Soldier machine III = The same that the previous but also summons a Small Triplet every minute and a half. Costs 50 Coin and have the previous upgrade.
  • Castle gold mine = Produces 1 Coin / 4 Secs. Costs 10 Coins.
  • Castle turret I = A turret for defending your castle. Costs 50 Coins.
  • Castle turret II = Another turret. Costs 100 Coins and must have the previous one.


  • Wooden wall = A simple but tough wall. Costs 2 Coins.
  • Stone wall = Also harder. Costs 5 Coins
  • Small Turret = Defend a post. It's like an immovable tank. Costs 15 Coins. Turret limit is 5 per player.
  • Small gold mine = Produces 1 Coin / 10 Secs. Costs 20 Coins. Mine limit is 10 per player.

So goodbye, i hope you liked this idea. Good luck and goodbye.

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