The Howitzer is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Mortar at level 45. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The turret now has a rectangle on the end of it. At the end of that rectangle is another rectangle.

Attack methods

This tank's attack method is mostly the same as the Mortar, but it's reload is increased and it has more bullet speed then the Mortar. As a result, it's targeting is a bit easier than the Mortar.


When compared to the Mortar:

  • Bullet Speed is increased to that of a Ranger.
  • Bullet Damage is decreased.
  • Reload is increased.
  • Movement Speed is increased.
  • Recoil is slightly decreased.



As usual, try to kill enemies from afar as aiming is quite tedious. However, fast enemies should be slightly easier to destroy with the much faster bullets and Reload. Drone users are also easier to kill because of the same reasons.


Unlike for the Napalm, Body Damage and Drones are not recommended, as the Howitzer's shots are much faster than the Mortar's or the Napalm's, making defending easier for the Howitzer. Sufficient Movement Speed is still key to defeating the Howitzer, as well as a high damage output in a single direction.

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