The Hummingbird is a level 15 tier 2 tank. It upgrades from the Basic Tank and can upgrade into the Dove at level 30.


The Hummingbird has very weak cannons compared to other tanks, like all others in its class. The Hummingbird has 2 wing cannons on each side of its body, and flaps them back and forth very rapidly, faster than any other tank in its class. The wing cannons fire at random intervals, making them inaccurate. The front cannon, which resembles a beak, fires very slowly and provides little recoil. The back cannons fire rapidly and provide recoil when the Hummingbird is moving. The wing cannons themselves provide little recoil. The flapping motion of the wing cannons provide significant amounts of recoil. When the Hummingbird is firing, but the user does not press the keys W,A,S, or D, the Hummingbird will not move with recoil. This is the Hummingbird’s Hover ability. When the Hummingbird hovers, it will automatically dodge bullets and drones. However, it is possible to hit a hovering Hummingbird. The Hummingbird has the same amount of health as a Basic Tank, but It deals 1.2x more body damage than the Basic Tank. The Hummingbird moves quickly, like all others in its class.


The Hummingbird as a body that resembles a ship. It has cannons that stick out, acting as wings and a tail. The Hummingbird is the same size as a Flank Guard. Seen below is a Hummingbird with its wings forward.


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