The Hypotenuse is the longest side of a triangle, which can be defined as "c" in the equation, "(a^2)+(b^2)=(c^2)". Oh sorry, wrong Hypotenuse.
The Hypotenuse is a Polygon Boss Tank added on 10/9/2017, and looks like an equilateral triangle, which ironically doesn't technically have a Hypotenuse, kinda making it an impossibility. Thankfully, its not impossible to beat. The Hypotenuse features One Auto Turret, Three Cannons, and Two Spawners.


Hypotenuse has Three Units for design. The Orange Triangle, the Light Orange Rhombus, and Yellow Triangle.

Orange Triangle

The Orange Triangle is simple to understand. It features an Auto Gun on top of an Orange Triangular Body. This is the base of the tank.

Light Orange Rhombus

In front of the Orange Triangle is the Light Orange Rhombus. It features an Orange Rhombus, of course, and Three Regular Cannons at the front.

Yellow Triangle

Coming down from the Light Orange Rhombus' sides and connecting from the back of the Orange Triangle is the Yellow Triangle. Like all of the units before it, it's simple to understand. It features a Yellow Triangle, which I really shouldn't explain, with a Tan Reflector mounted at the back, along with a Spawner mounted on each side.

Each of these components make up the basic shape of the Hypotenuse.


Hypotenuse has 3,300 HP, which is the same as Erebu, and is a little above the normal Boss average, which is at 3,000. The EXP dropped by Hypotenuse upon death is 33,030, which is the same as Erebu, and quite a bit above the normal Boss average.

Auto Turret

The Auto Turret on Hypotenuse has the same stats as a regular 'ol Tank. Nothing else. That is it.


Each cannon has the same stats of a Triple Shot that is completely maxed out. Like the Auto Turret, that is it.


The Spawners of Hypotenuse has the same stats of a maxed out Factory. The Spawners spawn 21 Orange Crashers, for a total of 42 drones. Each drone has the same stats of an XL Crasher.


  • Ironically, even though this tank is based off of the mathematical side of a right triangle, its an equilateral triangle.
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