The Inflator is a tank that upgrades from the Extender at level 45. It cannot further upgrade. Idea by Diepmon.


The Extender also has a shield on its back like its predecessor, although the shield now wraps around 3/5 of the tank body's circumference. There are now two rectangles at an angle connecting the shield to the body instead of one.


This tank possesses the same ammunition collection and launch mechanic as the Extender, although there are now some differences:

  • A total of 32 ammunition points can be stuck onto the shield, and its wider coverage allows for faster collection of ammunition.
  • Tank minions that stick onto the shield are still arranged evenly on the shield, but now there are 8. For more info on this mechanic, see the Trivia section of the Extender's page.
  • The ammunition launched out now launches out at full speed and half damage, instead of half speed and a third of the damage. Penetration is unchanged.
  • The tank also slows down depending on how much ammunition is stuck to it. However, there is now a recoil when the ammunition is ejected depending on how much there is.

A cooldown still exists for the ejection function and tanks are still pushed back if they are too close to the ejection system (which has the same animation.)

  • Drone controlling still works like the Extender.

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