The Intoxicator is a Tier 3 tank, and can be upgraded from Poisoneer at Level 30. It can upgrade further into the Dissolvator, or Vexship classes.


The same as Poisoneer, but has a Machine on the back of the circular base.


Changes to Base Stats upon upgrading from the Poisoneer:

  • Poison Damage is decreased by 10%.
  • Fire Rate is increased by 15%.
  • Bullet Damage is decreased by 15%.
  • Movement Speed is increased by 5%.
  • Damage Time is increased by 5 seconds.


  • Machine - The Machine weapon is basically a Spawner/Launcher. It creates a substance called Toxic MIst, and it is thrown into the battlefield.
  • Toxic Mist - Every 5 seconds, a ball of Toxic Mist will be shot out into the field, and it'll explode into green mist. The mist lasts 10 seconds, and only 5 Toxic Mists can be present at once. If an enemy happens to step into the mist, they get a poison effect along with slowness.


(will make soon)


The Intoxicator branch is all about poison. The effects last longer, along with slowing the enemy tank, but don't do as much damage.

Fast, low damage tank.

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