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Template:Gamemode Iron Fort is a gamemode. Created by The Tidal Wave.


Like Tower of Gladii and The Ascension, Iron Fort has a pre-planned map and can only be beat in a certain way. (I need to finish the map of this. Heavily WIP.)

The fort has 5 floors and a basement. Tanks start out on the first floor, and will have to slowly work their way up to the fifth to do battle with the League of Iron.

Map design

Iron Fort floor 1

Floor 1. (Click to enlarge)

The first floor of the map is a large rectangle divided into multiple areas. First, south of the fort is the spawn area, connected to the fort by a bridge. Once you enter the fort, there is a large rectangular room with 3 gates, one of which is locked. To get the corresponding key for each gate, one must kill enough enemies for it to drop out of a key dropper. The gates are colour-coded on each floor. Enemies, which are metallic AI versions of level 45 tanks, spawn from enemy spawners every 10 seconds. They have randomized builds and classes. At the end of the room is a teleporter that brings you to another floor. Once you go up, there is no turning back. The first floor has 2 (one for the basement), and the other floors only have 1.



Once the first floor is entered, enemies will start spawning. For the first floor, 50 enemies need to be killed in order for a key to drop. Once a key is dropped, the gate will open for 1 minute and all tanks must rush to the gate before it closes again. The blue gate is behind the red gate, so players are recommended to kill 50 enemies on the west side, then the right. Once they are in the final room of floor 1, they can choose to access the basement or Floor 2.



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