Iron Gorgon is a member of the League of Iron and spawns in the Iron Fort gamemode. Created by Fall Out Wave.


Iron Gorgon is a metal tank that looks like The Wolf, with a tail and 2 hands. However, the similarities end there as the Iron Gorgon doesn't have a main barrel. Instead, she is covered in Auto turrets, 16 in total.

The Fight

Iron Gorgon is rather simplistic with only one attack, but her Auto Turrets are not to be underestimated. All her shots immobilize targets for 5 seconds and have low damage, but the reload on them is insane. Expect a grand total of 3 shots per second for each turret.

  • Petrifying Gaze: Fires out beams from her eyes and sweeps them 45 degrees at a high speed. The beams have infinite penetration and immobilize what they hit for the rest of the battle with the League of Iron. Immobilized tanks usually end up as food for Colossus Serpentes, but they can also become living bombs thanks to Pyroking. They can still aim and fire though.

The tail is just there and has no particular use, but it does swing around like an actual snake's tail. It does do damage on contact though.

Death animation

All of her Auto Turrets will promptly pop off and explode while Iron Gorgon herself cracks and explodes into bits, summoning in another member of the League.

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