"This... creature had been captured by the mad doctor multiple times, but it always escaped and it got worse. It made tanks insane, and even had a tank hospitalized and turned into a psychopath that thinks it's an animal. Just looking at it will cause insanity. Even a glimpse of this thing made countless tanks go insane. Let's just say this: It's a multidimensional creature that now works for the doctor, but even he won't look at it with a straight face..."

Kaleidoscope is a Gladiator Boss that has a 5% chance to replace a Guardian spawn in the Extended Tale of Diep. Created by Tacocat247.


Kaleidoscope is a tank turned into a fractal. Its body is possible to explain. It is a purple square body with a square in it, a square in the corners, a square in the empty spaces, on to infinity. On top of that, it has a red shell that looks like the Mandelbrot set. At the front is a barrel combination of Destroyer/Skimmer/Predator that cannot be explained.


Kaleidoscope has some very diverse attacks. Kaleidoscopes behavior is determined with RNG, but there are a lot of attacks that Kaleidoscope has. Also, if you point at Kaleidoscope for 10 seconds, your tank dies immediately, so you have to be very skilled to defeat Kaleidoscope. Meanwhile, while the attacks are happening, Kaleidoscope will shoot bullets in a pattern; Destroyer, A cluster of 3-12 bullets, Missile, Cluster of 2-8 bullets, Destroyer, Missile, then it restarts.

  • Teleport: Kaleidoscope's shell goes into itself and it disappears and re-appears somewhere else on the map. This attack happens every 20 seconds no matter what.
  • Attack of the Clones: Kaleidoscope will multiply itself. The clone created has 100 HP. If the clone is not destroyed in 1 minutes, Kaleidoscope will spawn another clone at half of the HP that the 1st clone had. No other clones will be spawned by Kaleidoscope.
  • Strategist time: Kaleidoscope will not move for 10 seconds, but then will charge around the map and will try to ram into tanks for 8 seconds.
  • Imitation Invitation: Kaleidoscope will copy a tank's movement, and shoot at the enemy Tank. If the tank hits Kaleidoscope, then Kaleidoscope will move to another target. This will happen 5 times. If the tank doesn't shoot at Kaleidoscope, then Kaleidoscope will attempt to ram the tank. The ramming is easy to dodge. If Kaleidoscope misses, then Kaleidoscope will teleport to a random edge of the map, away from any other tank.
  • Blue Copier: Kaleidoscope will act like a Blue Runner for 1 minute. Kaleidoscope will stop shooting while this is going on, and Kaleidoscope will be a rammer, and will occasionally teleport.

"Death" Animation

Kaleidoscope doesn't die. Instead, when Kaleidoscope reaches 120 HP, Kaleidoscope will teleport, but will not reappear. The death message looks scrambled. It is written backwards and the letters are shifted to the right by 3 letters. The background banner will be red.

"! eb ghwdhihg qhhe vdk hsrfvrghlodN"


  • My 1st Extended Tale of Diep boss tank.
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