Killstreak rewards is a game mechanic. Created by Fall Out Wave.

How it works

If you kill enough tanks in 5 minutes you will get rewards. All rewards are stuff from the Market. Basically you have to maintain an average of 1 kill per minute in order to get rewards. If you break the streak you restart. While this streak is hard to maintain, if you actually do maintain it then you will have a large advantage over others.


Main Article: Market
Tanks killed Rewards
5 Lubricant x1
10 Armour plate x1
15 Internal bomb x1
20 Healing station x1
25 Super glue x2
30 Lubricant x 4
35 Magnet x3
40 Gas x2
45 Tier 2 helper x1
50 Tier 3 helper x1
55 Tier 4 helper x1
60 Clone x1
>60 Maze wall x1


The best gamemodes to reach high killstreaks are probably FFA and Maze as everyone is your enemy. Overlords and Necromancers have a very high kill rate and thus can be used to go on killing sprees. Octo Tanks and Auto 5s are better for picking off small, weak tanks which can also feed the killstreak meter.

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