Kimora is a fanmade Level 45 tank that upgrades from Overseer, and Acolyte. It cannot upgrade any further. Upon upgrading, the tank's base will be transformed into a pentagon.


As if it's not obvious enough, the Kimora features a pentagonal shape as its base, and has a trapezium spawner. It also acquires the Acolyte's circular "barrels".


  • Like the Necromancer, Kimora can infect generated squares, and has spawners that will shoot out square drones (however, only 25 when Drone Count is maxed). Although, this tank gets a nice advantage. Using the circular barrels, it can heal its own drones if they're damaged.
    • This is a tad bit useful if you can't scout non-infected squares quick enough.
  • If your drones start to take damage, the circular barrels will automatically shoot green bullets that gradually restore your drone's health.
    • It sorta has an aimbot; the green bullets will hit your drones no matter what.
  • Max Health, Reload and Movement Speed is passively increased.

  • Trivia

    • There is no trivia.
    • Seriously, there is no trivia.
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