King Pentagon is a massive Pentagon that lives in the Pentagon Nest, will leave if Enraging or Trying to Attack.


When the boss sees a target, it will attempt to shoot minions at the target and try to ram into the target 5 times. When it sees a tank, It will start trying to ram, enrage, and shoot pentagon minions at it, which both Pentagons minions and spawners will attempt to bite.


The King Pentagon looks like a Pentagon except it has spawners which will spawn Pentagon Minions, has a crown, narrowed eyes with dark blue lines at the top of them.


Always try to attack the Spawners, they have the least defense and spawners only have 2,000 health.

It will always spawn at the Pentagon Nest. So beware of that.

And also beware, it has high body damage so it can easily kill a low-upgraded player.


  • Enrage: Enrage will make it stronger and ram more often.
  • Pentagon Minion Spwaner: The boss will attempt to make Pentagon Minions that will attack the target.
  • Ramming: Every 30 seconds, The boss will try to ram 5  times at their enemy by going on a straight line towards the target.


Every time when it enrages, It will say "I AM INVINCIBLE".

Also, when it rams, it will stretch its spwaners towards the target in order to grab it.


The king is no more!
Defeat King Pentagon


  • The boss has 5 spawners that it uses to make minions.
  • When it enrages, its eyes turn red and become more narrow.
  • It has special rectangular spawners.
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