The King of the Jungle is a powerful boss that can appear in any game mode, including Ultra Boss Mode. However, it is not an Ultra Boss. It is most potent in game modes like FFA, where it can use its long-ranged firepower to great advantage.


The King of the Jungle has a circular base. On top of this base is an Auto Turret that resembles and equals a Ranger with maxed bullet stats. Projecting from the one side of the base are three overlapping barrels—one large, one medium, and one small. These three equal a maxed bullet stat Predator. Opposite this is a single Drone spawner, from which four Drones, each one equal to a maxed Overlord's, are spawned. These Drones orbit the King unless a close-at-hand threat is sighted.


The King of Jungle is a potent ranged Boss, but at close range is fairly weak, particularly when facing bullet spammers. Its field of view is equal to that of a Ranger and so both the Predator-style barrels and the Auto Turret can pound enemies from long range. Against close up enemies it uses its four drones, adequate Movement Speed (faster than most other bosses), and 20 Body Damage points. Overall, however, getting the King of the Jungle in a close-range situation is about the only chance tanks have of defeating it.


When defeated, something which occurs only when players defeat all 3,000 of its health points (which the King's slow Health Regen slightly combats), it awards the killer 30,000 XP, like any other boss. However, the King of the Jungle is a tricky fellow to kill. Let the tanks beware...

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