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"Others call me an annoyance. I dont mind. I usually just have that personality."

Kiosk is a Boss Tank added on June 14, 2017. It is the boss version of the Squircle, a unique green circular square shape. It uses new technology akin to the new tanks that have been arriving. Its weapons include two Auto Guns, a Spawner, and an Auto Outlet gun.

This boss, Kiosk, can spawn in every gamemode currently added (Including Exploration), excluding maze.


The Kiosk is a green Squircle with Two Auto Turrets at the sides that face forward in its idle state, and out to the side in its attacking state. On the top is an Auto Outlet Gun. On the back of this boss is a Spawner that spawns Scan Drones, which look like Squircles.



Kiosk has 3,000 HP, which, as you might have noticed, it the normal boss HP. Upon being defeated/destroyed, it will drop 30,000 EXP to the Tank that kill Kiosk, which will raise a tank immediately to level 45. Kiosk will regenerate 20 HP every second if it takes no damage for 10 seconds, which makes this specific boss tank a pain to deal with at times. Its body damage is of that of a 10/10/10/0 spike, which makes it a very good rammer. Kiosks speed is pretty fast too. Its speed is about the same as a full recoil and movement speed Machine Gun going backwards.

Auto Turrets

Side Auto Turrets

Kiosks Auto Turrets have the same stats as a Ranger with a full bullet build, but with Basic Tank reload. While idle, the Auto Turrets do not fire. While not idle, while attacking, They have a 160 degree rotation. Like most auto turrets, they move really quickly, and with its bullet build, it will quickly overwhelm enemy tanks.

Mounted Auto Outlet Turret

Kiosks Auto Outlet Turret acts exactly like Outlet in terms of functionality. It fires like an Auto Turret, but its side notches fire out Gunner bullets. The exception for the Auto Turret is that the side bullets are fast. Like the Side Auto Turrets, its build is of a maxed out bullet Ranger with basic tank reload.


Kiosks Spawner spawns Scan Drones. These Scan Drones look like Squircles, "scan" for things around them, and making the enemy target lose HP in a gradual manner, 5 per second. Each of these drones have the same speed as a Crasher, and The Kiosk can spawn 12 of these drones.


While Kiosk is idle, it moves normally and looks like it does in the image, but when threatened, the Auto Turrets are brought out to shoot. If a tank gets close to Kiosk, then Kiosk will go away from it. Kiosk, like many other bosses, avoids bases. It Kiosk is completely surrounded by tanks, then all Scan Drones will spread out to every tank until it can escape.


  • Kiosk is named after the drones that it spawns. They scan the area for danger, and then drain the enemies HP.
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