The Knife is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades at Level 30 from the Swordsman.


The Knife has a circular body which holds (a few pixels away) a Knife. The Knife is similar to the Sword, except that it is narrower and much shorter. In addition, it lacks the Sword's grey cross guard.



Upon upgrading to the Knife, the player's Sword is replaced with a Knife, mentioned above. This Knife has no Reload whatsoever (just like its predecessor), heavily increased Speed, slightly debuffed Penetration, and slightly improved Damage. Obviously, it has much less range.

The Knife also reflects 25%, absorbs 25%, and lets through with reduced power 50% of Bullets, Drones, and Traps.


The Knife's controls are almost identical to those of the Swordsman with just one key difference.

  • A double click results in the Knife suddenly pointing downward and slashing at a target. This attack does more damage and has more speed but has less penetration and range.


Knife Frame

As the Knife

  • Upgrade Movement Speed to quickly strike players.
  • Avoid Sniper and Destroyer classes. They can damage the player but the player can't damage them.
  • Be aggressive against Trapper classes, since the Knife is great against Traps. However, it does not do as well against Drones.
  • The Knife is great, with a skilled operator, against other Swordsman class tanks, since it strikes so quickly.

Against the Knife

  • Melee tanks should avoid the Knife at all times, since it can quickly reduce their health to almost nil.
  • Tanks with focused fire (like the Triplet), high-powered fire (like Destroyer-classes), or ranged fire (like Sniper classes) can attack the Knife without too much trouble.
  • Trappers and the like should be wary of the Knife, for it excels at cutting through traps and swiftly defeating the tanks behind.
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