The Knight serves as the third and last subdivision for the Soldier. As it upgrades from that at Level 30, it can also be promoted into the Swashbuckler, Blackguard, or Crusader at Level 45.


The Knight is a blue circle-shaped tank with two blue semi-circles on either side of the front of the tank, right hand holding a simple sword, and the left donning a gray shield that has a shape of an arc.


As if it wasn't obvious, this tank will have the energy meter ability. With each swing, energy is depleted by 10%, and you regenerate 12% every second. However, using its shield, the Knight gets a new passive ability. The shield can last for about 15 ammunition points. Once 15 or more ammunition points are successfully dealt to the shield, it will break and disappear for a while, making you vulnerable as the Soldier. Though, It comes back after 4 seconds. Ammunition points determine how much the shield can absorb. Here are the values:

  • Gunner/Auto Bullet/Water - 0.5 points
  • Normal Bullet/Tank Minion - 1 point
  • Normal Traps - 1.5 points
  • Sprayer-type Bullets - 2 points
  • Large Traps - 2.5 points
  • Sniper Bullet/Drones/Melee - 3 points
  • Destroyer Bullet - 5 points
  • Magic - 6 points
  • Annihilator Bullet - 10 points
  • Health Regen and Melee Damage are increased, but Movement Speed is decreased.

When upgrading, there are three choices to choose from. Knight may already focus on attack-defense power, but you can upgrade for the other classes' archetype. Such as Swashbuckler, which means you'll have more attack power than defense. Blackguard, giving you more defense power than attack. Crusader having both attack and defense power, and balancing it out with your current attack-defense power.


  • Praise the Sun — Upgrade to Knight
  • Captain America — Have your shield endure 20 bullets
Praise the Sun
Upgrade to Knight
Captain America
Have your shield endure 20 bullets


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