The Labeler is a class that upgrades from the Navigator at Level 45. It cannot upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


It has a rounded body and stout lance like the Navigator, except there are now two very short lances angled forward mounted on trapezoidal bases on the tank, one on each side next tank upgrade to the front lance. There is a blue circle on the body.


It loses the minimap functionality of the Navigator, but has a new ability in addition to the characteristic charge ability of the Lancer branch. When hovering over a tank, polygon, boss, or other entity and pressing the right mouse button, a little readout will appear on the top of your screen. It tells you exactly how much health they have currently and maximum health (all), what it is (all), build (tanks only), name (all), and the score given if destroyed and their current score (polygons, tanks, and bosses only.) The Labeler can view up to three statistic windows at a time, and can view both the stats of allies and enemies. Arena Closers do not have a readout functionality. When looking at a Fortress, it can tell you which specific Boss Tanks have spawned inside.


  • This tank's gimmick is interesting, but it serves no useful purpose by itself if there's no one else to relay the information to in the vicinity.
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