The Lancer Trapper is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Extender, and the Flank Guard at level 45. It may not upgrade any further. Idea by Tacocat247 and inspired by Zathsu's Lancer branch.


The Lancer Trapper features a circular tank body with a single lance at the front. At the back, there is a larger than normal trap launcher.


Upon upgrading, it loses the Extender's shield ability and in place of that gains a trap launcher instead.

  • The charge ability is moved to right click.
  • The left click is saved for the trap launcher.
  • The launcher and its traps are the exact same sizes as the Gunner Trapper's traps and launcher.
  • The launcher at the back is mentioned for defense at the back. It acts like a mine dropper.


  • This tank's original name was Mine Dropper.
  • Based on Trapper and Lancer!
  • Yes, I got permission from Zathsu.
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