The Lasergrid is a polygon boss tank added on 10/11/2017. Lasergrid is not based off of a polygon or a real life object. I just thought the name fit this boss. Lasergrid doesn't shoot lasers, but is presice like one. Lasergrid features a whopping Twenty-eight guns, and Two gigantic Battleship Spawners.


Lasergrid features a circular body with 2 rectangles with notches attached to it, the entire thing being a dark shade of red. In the notches, there is a Battleship Spawner, and on each completely flat side are Seven cannons, for a whopping total of Tewnty-eight cannons.


Lasergrid features 9,000 HP, which is three times the normal Boss HP amount. Upon death/destruction, Lasergrid drops 90,000 EXP, which is three times the norma wel Boss EXP amount. Lasergrid has the slow health regeneration of 10 HP per second if left alone for 40 seconds. Lasergrid also has a slow speed, that of a Machine Gun with maximum reload, but moving backwards. Lasergrid has a lot of body damage however, with the body damage of 5x of a maxed out Spike.

Battleship Spawners

The Battleship Spawners have the same stats as a Battleship, excluding the drones, which have Destroyer Bullet stats.


The Cannons have the same stats as a maxed out Tank, but with one difference, which is the bullet damage, which is at 5 instead of 7.


  • This is the largest normal polygon boss.
  • Lasergrid is one of the few polygon bosses not based off of anything.
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