The Launcher is a class that upgrades from the Bastion at Level 45. It may not upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


It has a short Lancer spike mounted on top of a stout trapezoid base, and there is one long Gunner barrel on either side.


The Launcher has the same charge function like its predecessor, except now when the mouse button is released, the spike shoots out in front of it as an indestructible bullet on a chain. Bullet Speed now affects both the two gun barrels' bullets and the speed at which the spike moves. It will move up to 30 background tiles before disappearing and a new one appears on the tank. The Launcher cannot charge again until its spike has regrown. If tanks or polygons are hit by the spike, they take damage a maximum of 3 times and half the damage that would be incurred if they touched the tank while it was charging. In short: launched spike = 1/2 damage, touching spike while still on tank = full damage. The spike's chain can be pulled to tighten it if it hits a tank or polygon within the 30 tile range. When this happens, the tank can use the A and D buttons to move left and right around its target. You can't pull the target in, but you can use the momentum built up from swinging around the target to launch yourself in a different direction.


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