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Lauraceae is the second-largest of all Hesperians, with Lord Sassafras taking first place. She is twice as big as Trinovia, who in turn is a little larger than an-average-sized common Hesperian. She is massive in comparison to players, and she wields likewise giant weapons, being the titan of Hesperians, characteristics befitting of the general of Lord Sassafras's legions of Hesperian soldiers.

Lauraceae spawns as the final boss in the Fortress of the Legion gamemode in the Realm of Sassafras. She is arguably the toughest of the gamemode-based final bosses, aside from spicy Sassafrexen.


Lauraceae is twice as big as Trinovia, and is the largest "normal" Hesperian, besides Lord Sassafras and Ellaha-ua. She has a roughly square-based body obscured by a full-face helmet and a metal jaw with gnashing teeth. Her helmet is ripped in places to reveal dark tan skin, with her single angry eye glaring out from a hole in the helmet. Her helmet has a spike on top, and two massive curving horns on the sides. She is partly a cyborg, but it's more on the mechanical side than the electrical aspect of a cyborg enhancement. Lauraceae has two arms armored by massive triple-layered dark gray pauldrons. Her elbows and upper and lower arms are completely encased in armor, while she holds in her right hand a small buzzsaw shield and in the other a giant axe with a spinny blade head.



Lauraceae is encountered at the very center of the Legion Fortress, in a large open area enclosed on four sides. This courtyard is the training ground of a Legion Commander's attachment of Legionnaires, but Lauraceae has had it cleared out (read: tossed the soldiers over the wall and out of the fortress without warning) to have a chance at confronting the intruders herself. When all players arrive, she jumps and stomps on the ground, creating a shockwave so hard that it causes the doors to slam shut.


  • LAURACEAE SMVASH!: Lauraceae brings her axe up high and slams it on top of a player, dealing massive single target damage if the player doesn't move out of the relatively thin hitbox within 1.5 seconds of the shadow appearing.
  • SVINNING AGXS BLADE OV DEAVFH: Lauraceae makes her axe blade start spinning rapidly (what did you expect) and sweeps it through players, dealing high damage if players are hit.
  • BUZZALL OV HESVERUS: Lauraceae punches into players with her spiky spinning shield edges, dealing medium-high damage and inflicting Bleeding for 4 seconds.
  • AGXS TOZZS: Lauraceae throws her axe in a straight line, hitting all players along that line for medium damage. The axe doesn't stop until it slams into the opposite wall. When that happens, Lauraceae jumps into the air and lands next to the axe, pulls it out and continues to attack without having to expose herself to attack by walking over to retrieve it.
  • SMVASH STVIKE: Lauraceae slams her shield onto players, dealing very high damage and inflicting Stunned for 4 seconds.
  • VEE ARE LEJIUN: Lauraceae leaps into the air and smashes a hole in the doors with her axe, and 15-25 Legionnaires of random tier jump in to join the fight. The priority is to dispatch them as soon as possible, as the damage can stack up.
  • AGXS CRVASH: Lauraceae starts spinning the whole axe on its axis with both hands before winding up and throwing it into the ground, releasing a shockwave from the impact point that knocks all players into the air, dealing medium fall damage.
  • BUZZALL FREEZEBEE: Lauraceae throws her shield in a giant arc, dealing high damage to any players hit by the buzzsaw. She repeats this attack thrice with a larger arc each time.
  • IMA VIRIN MA LAZORZ: Lauraceae spins her shield rapidly as the eyes on it start glowing, and release an irregular volley of pulse lasers while spinning with wild abandon. Lauraceae sweeps the shield back and forth, as she squints angrily in her inability to fire lasers from her eye. This attack lasts for 10 seconds, and laser hits deal medium damage per 5 hits.
  • MMM, VUNCH!: Lauraceae grabs a player with one of her hand and tosses them into her mouth, crunching them to near death before spitting them out, leaving them at 1 HP. Said player must get heals as much as they can before they succumb to a stray attack.
  • LEJIUN SKYDRVOP: 20 Legionnaires parachute into the arena from above. There is a guaranteed chance that at least one of them will fall flat on its face, and be stunned without attacking for the duration of the battle or until it is destroyed.
  • VOUNCE AVAY: Lauraceae jumps into the air and does a backflip, spinning on the way down with her arms out for maximum high area damage.


"BY ZE VORD! VHY ARE VOO SVEEL SVANDING? I AM LAURASVEAE, COMMANDER OV COMMANDERS! VHY DO VOO PERVZIST? VARAAAAGGG!!! CVOME, COMMANDER! LET US TEECH DEEZ PUNY VUNS A LESZON!" Yeah. Lauraceae has a short fuse. In Phase 2 at 82,000 HP, she becomes visibly redder and angrier, but no stat changes are applied... yet. She has her attack select from Phase 1 in addition to a few new attacks in Phase 2, but summons a Legion Commander out of a portal, specifically the one from the most recent Invasion event. Whoever the Legion Commander determines her Phase 2 behavior, and the music during this phase.

  • If it is Tamatoa, she jumps on his back and rides him around, using melee attacks while Tamatoa goes through his attack select while at the same time proclaiming how shiny he is as "Shiny" plays overlapped with Lauraceae's theme.
  • If it is Lysandre, the two will attack together without any additional effects.
  • If it is Diepmon, he will constantly move in front of Lauraceae at the most inappropriate times, interrupting her attacks. However, his sheer bullet attacks will wreak havoc on the field.
  • Players will be fortunate to get Berthe since as soon he arrives, he digs a hole in the ground, having seen something shiny. The hole fills up by itself as Berthe digs deeper and deeper, never appearing for the rest of the battle. Lauraceae will angrily smash the pile of dirt and continue attacking.
  • If Ugandan Knuckles appears, he will not go through his attack select, but instead roll into a ball and constantly bounce off walls randomly as a setpiece hazard. It is possible to kite Lauraceae for him to ram into her and stun both of them for 5 seconds. Ugandan Knuckles takes 35% less damage while rolling, but full damage while stunned.
  • If Stratospheric Spirit appears, he immediately disappears without a trace, but Lauraceae gains 10% increased speed and damage for the duration of the phase. He will reappear when Lauraceae has been damaged for 21,560 HP and start attacking.
  • First Mate Bonkers is completely unavailable because he's always inconveniently off plundering with Captain Chromehook. Thus, Lauraceae won't choose him but select another Commander instead.
  • Revenant Doubleheader is also missing, totally not because I haven't created his page yet and have no idea what he was supposed to be because he's down somewhere in the Thawing Kingdom.
  • Coldfist will jump in and start attacking, but everywhere he walks, the grass gets frozen over for about 30 seconds. Players have 25% less movement control on the grass.
  • Broodhelen sits in a corner and summons all manner of creature-based Realm Enemies to attack players. She will disappear when 30,000 health has been deducted from Lauraceae.

The phase will end when the Legion Commander has been defeated and/or when Lauraceae reaches 40,000 health.

New Attacks:

  • HVORN GORE: Lauraceae charges forwards headfirst, knocking players out of the way with her massive helmet horns, not goring them as the attack name suggests. The knockback is high, but the damage is minimal.
  • ANGVER STVIKE: Lauraceae grabs her axe with both hands and swings it wildly, dealing high damage to players hit and inflicting Burned for 3 seconds.
  • VHIRLVIND SVASH: Similar to ANGVER STVIKE, but Lauraceae spins around rapidly with her axe while dashing around the arena, dealing massive damage on contact.
  • CHVOP CHVOP: Lauraceae smashes her shield up and down on players rapidly, so fast it's almost a blur. She deals low damage, but this increases rapidly the more times she hits a player. Lasts for 8 seconds.
  • SVING OV VOUR: Lauraceae splits her shield into four separate weapons and tosses them out at players in a 90-degree arc, dealing medium damage with each. She then picks them up in one scoop with her axe (don't ask how) and flings them into the air, recombining it once more.
  • LEJIUN STVIKE: Lauraceae lines up all remaining Legionnaires on the field, the largest closest to her. She then picks up the line of Legionnaires and smashes it into players, dealing high damage. The Legionnaires break apart afterward, undamaged.
  • BLOVATED SVLASH: Lauraceae jumps up and punches into the ground with one of her fists, dealing tremendous damage to anything hit and sending all players flying into the air, inflicting Weakened for 5 seconds.


At 40,000 health, Lauraceae enters Phase 3 (or PHAZE THVEE, if you will.) She retains her Phase 1 and 2 attacks with no additional attacks, but now she will summon one Tier 3 Legionnaire every 15 seconds, and a Tier 4 Legionnaire every 45 seconds. Players must split their forces; half to deal with Lauraceae, and half to deal with the endless stream of Legionnaires. It's a race against time, as eventually the Legionnaires will overwhelm players and end the battle by killing all players off. Lauraceae will also take 250% more damage from all sources in this phase, due to being exhausted of IE Energy in Phase 2 through summoning the Legion Commander and not having a chance to recharge.



Lauraceae without her IE-Energy infused buff arms.

At 0 HP, all Legionnaires present will immediately stop attacking and look at their leader, whose arms suddenly shrink to a tiny size, along with her weapons. It turns out that Lauraceae, while her body is big, her arms in reality are tiny, and IE Energy is what keeps her big and strong.

At this, all Legionnaires will escort their fuming leader out of the door while bowing to players for a worthy battle. The door at the back of the arena opens, leading player to the final reward (to be decided.)


  • Lauraceae is named for the family of the Sassafras plant, which also includes laurel trees. [1]
  • Somehow, her speech impediment switches between "V"s and "Z"s every other word.
  • On October 23rd, 2018, a spammer claiming to be Lauraceae spammed up the ATWNM Discord (Project Aero), dumping tens of images of His Sassajesty and the vanilla tank tree in every channel, in addition to a minor amount of text spam. These events occurred for approximately 1 hour, and the only staff member online at the time didn't have the moderation rights allocated to them due to a mistake that was made when assigning roles a few months back. The damage has since been undone, and it must be noted it was never sanctioned by anyone, even Lord Sassafras as the spammer claimed...
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