Leader of the Fanboys is a Mega Realm Boss in the Extended Tale of Diep. He spawns when 500 Fanboys of Panzer are killed in The Realm, and can only spawn once every 48 hours. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Leader of the Fanboys is a large Fanboy of Panzer, about the size of the Archprophet himself. He has a suit of blood-red armour with a barely-visible skull mask under the armour. His crown is much more elaborate in design than a normal Fanboy. Touching his armour deals 10% more body damage than normal. He has a lot of merchandise, owning an exclusive cape/scarf hybrid that the Archprophet knitted for him (all the other Fanboys are jealous!). MASSES of weapons based on other Panzer-related tanks are used and owned by him. More in the attack section.


When the 500th Fanboy is killed, a large red Portal will appear at the site of its death. The Leader of the Fanboys will step out of it, look around, then exclaim:

How dare you do this to my followers?

They are just supporting our glorious god Panzer.

They don't deserve this...

Then the Portal closes, and the battle begins. He will follow the nearest player, but attempt to get to an area with the highest concentration of players possible, namely Imperium. If there are no players nearby where he would spawn, he will spawn somewhere near Imperium instead.


Note:During the battle, he constantly spawns Fanboys of Panzer that are aggressive and will actively hunt down tanks. After his death, all the Fanboys of Panzer in the server despawn.
  • Ready to Rumble: Uses a Bureaucrat hammer to smash tanks. Should he miss, a large shockwave will push tanks back from the point of impact.
  • Adoption: Summons a mechanical copy of a random Son of Panzer.
  • Twister Tackle: Spins around, while holding a Royale sword and a Prince lance. Charges towards tanks.
  • Death Snipe: Pulls out a tank with a Keeper barrel. Then shoots out an ANNIHILATOR shot from it at a tank with deadly accuracy.
  • Ultimate Annoy: Places 3 talking Sassafras figures randomly on the map. They can and will blurt out nonsense really loudly. Each one has 20000 health but does not fight back, however, they take 80% less damage from everything.
  • Holo-Rex: Summons a holographic figure of Draconis Rex. It will revolve around him for a few seconds, then dash quickly at the tank that did the most damage to Leader of the Fanboys. Upon contact with the tank, the figure explodes into flames, giving everything around it Burning for 10 seconds.
  • War Games: Summons mechanical copies of the 5 non-Core parts of the War Machine. They orbit him until his death.
  • Mech Breaker: Summons a giant Portal above him. A large mech modeled after Nostradamus will fall through the Portal, then Leader of the Fanboys will assume control of it. The mech has 9000 health and has all the abilities of Nostradamus in Phase 1. It does not degrade and has only one phase.
  • Summoning: Grabs 2 bottles of Panzer Goo. Then, throws them on the floor. As the glass bottles shatter, the goo forms 2 random bosses in the Tale of Diep and the Extended Tale of Diep! They cannot be listed as Type 9 or 10 bosses according to here, or another Leader of the Fanboys.
  • Whiplash: Summons a Wolf tail that he uses as a whip. Each whip does low damage but inflicts Bleeding and Broken for 20 seconds.
  • Fireball Storm: An attack that he mastered the art of. Summons 10 Fireballs! that spin around him really quickly before being sent out at unsuspecting tanks at twice the speed of a level 15 Booster with max Reload and Movement Speed.
  • Power of Fandom!: Summons 50 Fanboys of Panzer, each armed with merchandise. Lower chance to happen, but not by much.
  • WE ARE NUMBER ONE: Gets a saxophone and plays the starting notes of We Are Number One. All Fanboys of Panzer, including himself, gets +10% attack damage and movement speed for 50 seconds.
  • Revitalization: Summons 3 Belisariuses with their lights and power all off. Then, zaps red energy into all 3 of them and has them battle for him. Each one has 25000 health and do 300% damage when compared to a normal Belisarius.
  • Megaweapon Polygon: Summons a copy of every single weapon of all the Polygon Disciples and merges them into one giant sword. Then proceeds to use this giant sword to slash at tanks, shooting from the sword's cannon parts if necessary.
  • Megaweapon Element: Same as above, but the weapons are from The Elementals instead, leading to the weapon being more of a ranged weapon than a melee one, with shooting becoming the default and slashing if necessary.
  • Air Strikes of FREEDOM: Summons 10 invulnerable Frenemies that have red, white and blue colouring. They proceed to carpet-bomb everybody for 1 minute before flying away.

Death Animation

Leader of the Fanboys, upon death will fall to the ground, widen his eyes as they start to glow whit, and dissolve into black smoke, leaving his crown behind. Almost a near-exact replication of the Archprophet's death animation. Truly a fan.

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