The League of Iron is a group of bosses that are fought in the end of the Iron Fort gamemode. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The League is composed of different bosses. Each member of the league has a different appearance and fighting style, but here's the special part of the fight. You can only be fighting one member of the league at a time. You're fighting all of them, but you're not. Here's how the mechanic works:

Each member of the league has a set amount of health and only one can show up at a time. Once every 30 seconds or so, the member will disappear in a puff of smoke and when the smoke clears (after like 2 seconds or so) another will be there. Their health is separate from each other and once one dies, he/she can't show up again unless another member revives him/her.

List of members of the League of Iron


Doing battle with the League of Iron requires massive skill and attention to not get confused about the constantly shifting battle.

Taking down Colossus Serpentes should be the hardest to accomplish as his health grows with every kill, thus acquiring lots of different turret types on his body, potentially being able to counter every tank in the game if he eats enough variety of tanks. Pyroking and Iron Gorgon both do heavy damage to multiple targets fast and can provide advantages for themselves and others, so they should be the first to focus on and kill, especially Iron Gorgon if Colossus Serpentes is still around. Baron of Buzzsaws isn't that dangerous in Phase 1, but during Phase 2 he can inflict high damage to a single target with painful accuracy, so still watch out for him. D-Mech is probably the least dangerous, but he can jump over bullets or traps that would otherwise do heavy damage to him, so time bullets correctly and he will die fast.



  • As mentioned above, each member of the League has different fighting styles. Colossus is the boss with a special, major fight mechanic, Iron Gorgon inflicts lots of damage to multiple targets fast and inflicts debuffs, D-Mech is a "standard" boss with abilities and a minor mechanic, Pyroking creates structures and uses area damage, and Baron has 2 phases.
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