"She was sent to a building with small minded people who only care about themselves, force fed facts that are useless for her deeds. She felt trapped within herself. I was created to help that person... Yet... I'm also the one who force feeds those same facts.
This system is a weak one, yet everyone follows it. One where we all succumb to it and are spoon fed the same pieces of information. We go through a sort of "guided practice" where everyone is eventually brainwashed into thinking the same way.. Or, that's what she thinks. Sadly, she isn't far off.

The Leatherback is a polygon boss tank added on 3/2/2018. It is based off..

Leatherback features Two Cannons and a single Spawner.


The Leatherback features a complex leather design for all of its components.
The Leatherback featrues a circular tank body as a base with two large Cannons mounted onto the front part of the tank, and a red Spawner mounted onto the back.



The Leatherback features 6,000 health, which is above the regular health for most boss tanks. Upon being defeated/destroyed, The Leatherback will drop 60,000 EXP to the player who had defeated Leatherback, which will immediately raise a tank to level 45. Fidelignis will regenerate 10 health per second if Leatherback is left alone for 35 seconds. Leatherback has the body damage of a Square... Yeah... Fidelignis also has the movement speed of a regular Tank at Level 45.


The Spawner of the Leatherback spawns regular Sprayblasters with completely maxed out stats. The reload of the Spawner is Two times less of that than an Annihilator.


Each Cannon of the Leatherback shoots bullets with Two times the Damage and Penetration stats as a Hunter. Reload of the Cannons are the same as Destroyer.


  • Completed at school.
  • Like Fidelignis, the base should be easy to figure out.
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