The Grand Legion of the Supreme High Lord of Hesperia is the formal term for the massive army of Lord Sassafras, created to aid him and the Hesperian League in the gathering of IE Energy. It is better known as just "Lord Sassafras's Legion." Idea by Diepmon.


Lord Sassafras, after seeing how well-organized and powerful the Imperials (Tanks) were, with their legions upon legions of highly trained soldiers, became envious of them. He decided to create an army of his own. Gone would the days be of Sassafras running around The Realm to gather as much IE energy as they could while being under the threat of constant attack from the irritated beings they encountered.

And so, he did. Sassafrexen was put in charge of the manufacturing of the Legion of the Lord, as it came to be called. The best thing was that very little IE energy was actually required to enhance a hundred existing Hesperians into a hundred highly trained soldiers, and with the help of Trinovia's weapon schematics, they were armed to the teeth in four different ranks. Following the success of the first hundred, Hesperians less proficient at gathering IE Energy signed up in droves to join this new military force.

Lord Sassafras personally oversaw the building of a city for his new soldiers to take residence in the Realm of Sassafras, which he had expanded after his first two openings of it and gathered enough IE energy to do so. The Sassa Club were granted massive residences in the City of Hesperia, and Lord Sassafras built a palace for himself in the citadel in the center. The Realm of Sassafras now rivaled the size of the overworld Realm, with various different environments set for future expansion by the Hesperian League.

Sassafrexen was assigned yet another task by Lord Sassafras: Create, or somehow acquire commanders for this new legion of Hesperian soldiers, whose purpose was to defend common Sassafras sent out into the Realm to gather IE energy. The Legionnaires, as they would come to be known, no longer had the means of gathering IE Energy, ironically because their enhancement involved the very substance. And thus, the Commanders came to be. Ten, strong, powerful beings from all walks of life and species in the Realm, from pirate to Scorpio to cultist to Regian, were plucked from their lives and brought to the Realm of Sassafras, where they were brainwashed enlightened into joining Lord Sassafras's cause. A new member of the Sassa Council, Lauraceae, who was a lowly Hesperian before being upgraded into a powerful form, was appointed to lead the Legion Commanders as the High General of Hesperia. Why not chose the Sassa Club for this job? Sassafrexen did initially suggest that idea, but the members of the Sassa Club were found to be too unstable in any position of leadership, given their wildly unpredictable and varied personalities. The Legion Commanders, their qualities greatly enhanced by the powers of IE energy, were each given control of one division of the Legion of the Lord, divided evenly into ten groups with a different specialization for each. The Legion Commanders, because of their infighting and occasional dislike for each other, can be compared to the Polygon Disciples in a way, but loyal to Lord Sassafras and the cause of Hesperia above all.

Lord Sassafras, now content with his newfound power, decided to show the rest of the world a new contender for "greatest being of all" was in town. This directly lead to the mobilization of one Legion lead by a Legion Commander and containing tens of Sassafras, each month, to attack Imperium, more as a show of force rather than an actual move to conquer. The Polygons and Cult of Panzer, soon realizing what was happening, somewhat relaxed as they knew that whoever was behind the incursions of strange beings in the Realm had underestimated the Imperials, and would perhaps never win over them. Besides, it drew the Imperials' attention away from them as well.

...or did the Imperials, and everyone else for that matter, underestimate the Hesperians? Only time will tell...

General Mechanics

Legionnaires Scale

Legionnaires of all four tiers, scaled against a normal Sassafras and its Minion.

The Legion has 10 different classes of soldiers (called Legionnaires), with one Legion Commander specializing in each type. They are of varying sizes and strength, and each class of Legionnaire has 4 tiers, with the tiers being the size of level 15, 30, 40, and 60 tanks respectively. The tiers are called Albidium, Randaiense, Yabei, and Tzumu in order of increasing strength (among the Hesperians, although nobody else uses those names, and even so, they are considered formal designations.) Each tier has twice the base health of the previous, disregarding armor resistances. Most Legionnaires have armor, which comes in five levels of resistance, providing 10%, 20%, 30%, 45%, and 60% damage resistance respectively.

Visually, Legionnaires resemble barrel-less and hatless Sassafras Minions with one, two, or three eyes, but have small hexagonal hands and arms as well, on which are mounted weapons or whatever armaments they may have. Most Legionnaires are colored Hesperian tan, but they can be different colors (and have different-colored eyes) on occasion.

Legionnaires are often found with Sassafras throughout the Realm, and upon a Sassafras's spawn, 5-10 Legionnaires are summoned with it. Only Tier 1, Tier 2, and rarely Tier 3 Legionnaires can be found guarding Sassafras, while up to 30-40 Tier 1, 2, and 3 Legionnaires can be found spawning with the Sassa Club member of the day. Tier 4s are tough specialists in their classes and can be counted as mini-bosses in their own right, so they are only found in Invasion Armies and Hexen's fortress when Sassafrexen has taken over it. Additionally, all Legionnaires can be found in the Gauntlet of Hesperus, where the number that spawns is equal to the wave number, and tiers are randomized. They can also be found in the Realm of Sassafras, guarding various important buildings (usually entrances to gamemodes,) just patrolling the streets of Hesperia or the other provinces, and in drastically higher concentrations over normal Hesperians in Erythea.


While there are 40 distinct classes of Legionnaires across the four tiers and ten specialization, some Legionnaires can spawn with additional modifiers that affect how they act, appear, and differ from other "normal" Legionnaires. These are as follows: WIP

Invasion Armies

About once every month (27-31 days), a large army of 1000 Legionnaires will start from their staging area of the Hesperian Encroachment and make their way eastward. They will follow one of five courses throughout the Realm, with the final destination always being Imperium. They will destroy anything hapless to cross their path along the way that is not allied to the Hesperian League or Polygons, especially players; and any Sassafras and Sassafras-related entities (and Sassa Club members, if one happens to have spawned that day) will join them and follow. However, they will always stop short of Imperium, staying in Melancholy Forest, having taken over Hexen's fortress for use of a base of operations from where they will strike at Imperium. Hexen himself and his followers have been booted out of the fortress and are nowhere to be found. Any Legionnaires who are somehow killed while they are journeying to Hexen's fortress will be replaced by another Legionnaire who comes out of a portal on the spot, thus making it impossible to stop the invasion before it reaches its final destination.

Lord Sassafras, oddly enough, will send a Transmission two weeks in advance of his attack, then one week, and a reminder every day and then twelve, eight, four, two, and one hour(s) prior, then thirty minutes, and then fifteen minutes. At ten minutes, instead of a transmission, a Realm-wide announcement will take place every minute as a countdown. When the Invasion Army has spawned from a portal, the announcement "The LEGION OF THE LORD is making its way across the Realm!" will be broadcast.

Players must defeat the guards outside of the newly proclaimed "Legion Citadel". There are 200 guards scattered around the vicinity in groups of 5-10, and they are all Tier 3 Legionnaires. Once the guards have been defeated, the army rushes out from the Legion Citadel in ten groups of 80 at a time, with two of each class and tier combination (800 total over all ten waves.) The last group of the ten will arrive with the Legion Commander leading them. Their fights will be detailed on their pages. Once the Legion Commander is defeated, they and any remaining soldiers will have their own ending sequence. Then Hexen's fortress opens, filled with even more Legionnaires and Hesperians inside to defeat (who were not part of the initial invasion army, they came afterwards.) At the end, Sassafrexen can be found and fought. Upon Sassafrexen's defeat, Hexen's fortress will remain closed for 24 hours, then it will reopen again normally.

The Legion

Legionnaire Classes

Each class of Legionnaire, in addition to having its own unique weapons, also has some slight variation of design that can be seen in the images. Some are larger in size or faster than others, it just depends on the class.

Only basic design changes are noted; for full designs, see the images.


EToD Legionnaires2

The Hoplite, Gunner, Heavy, Sharpshooter, and Caster classes.

The Hoplites are the melee infantry of the Legion, and most likely the most annoying to deal with en masse. Their main attack style is to bunch up in clumps of up to twenty and circle around one player or a small group of players at a time. If the number of players in the vicinity is greater than the number of Hoplites present, then they will discard the clump tactic and go for players one on one. This is especially true for Tier 4 Hoplites, who tend to not clump up even if that tactic is more viable out of a veritable sense of honor. While Hoplites deal heavy damage up close, their medium-slow movement speed, equal to that of a Large Pink Crasher, makes it fairly easy to stay out of their swords' reach. They are normal-sized (100%.)

  • Tier 1 Hoplites have 270 health and have level 1 armor. They have a lance that they sweep to attack for 20-30 damage at a hit speed of 1.2 seconds.
  • Tier 2 Hoplites have 540 health and have level 2 armor. In addition to a lance that does the same amount of damage as a Tier 1's, they also have a shield that blocks 90% of projectile-based damage dealt to them if it is dealt to the shield.
  • Tier 3 Hoplites have 1080 health and have level 3 armor. They have a spiked shield and longer lance, and attack with a lance sweep for 50-60 damage with a hit speed of 1.5 seconds. In addition to their lance attack, they have a secondary attack where they smash their shield into players for 25-30 damage and Bleeding for 3 seconds. They also gain a paladin-style helmet of sorts, fitted to the eye-number variations.
  • Tier 4 Hoplites have 2160 health and have level 4 armor. They have the same lance as the Tier 3, but their shield has spikes on the sides in addition to the front. The helmet seems to pivot downwards, giving a slightly more intimidating appearance. Being considered a miniboss, it has five attacks, 4 common and 1 ultimate (the latter of which is rarely used, but can be carried out an unlimited amount of times):
    • A sword slash that deals 55-75 damage with a hit speed of 2 seconds.
    • A shield smash attack deals 35-50 damage and inflicts Bleeding and Stunned for 3 seconds.
    • A quick dash forward 10 background tiles like a Lancer. Anything hit by the charge is dealt 55-70 damage and is Paralyzed for 5 seconds.
    • A series of seven quick, repeated slashes up close, with each strike dealing 7-15 damage, having a 30% chance to crit for 250% more damage. The Hoplite does not move during this attack, so players can avoid most of the damage if they can move out of the way after the first few strikes.
    • Its ultimate attack is a whirlwind attack where the Hoplite spins around rapidly while being Invincible, quickly charging into players to deal 90-110 damage and inflicting Dazed for 5 seconds. Players are not targeted twice, and the attack ends when 12 players have been targeted, all players have been damaged, or when 50 seconds have passed.


Gunners are the swarm-based ranged units of the Legion, zipping in and out of battle and firing their small bullets at any target they please. Gunners are indiscriminate in what they target because for them, it is the joy in blasting everything in sight that isn't your ally, rather than actually focusing your fire on the primary opponents at hand. As such, Gunners will target the closest non-Hesperian to them, whether it be a Realm Enemy or polygon or tank. It doesn't really matter what they shoot, because as stated they care less about where they're firing and more about making "pew pew" and "ratatatatata" noises. Gunners have a fast movement speed and are slightly smaller than normal (85%.)

  • Tier 1 Gunners have two Gunner barrels on each hand for a total of four, 215 health, and no armor. They focus on the target nearest to them, dealing 4 damage with each bullet. Their reload per barrel is 0.5 seconds.
  • Tier 2 Gunners have 430 health and level 1 armor and have an additional barrel on each hand. They have the same reload and damage.
  • Tier 3 Gunners have a minigun on each hand, each with four barrels, for a total of eight. Each minigun bullet does 2.5 damage, but an entire cycle of 4 bullets lasts for 0.3 seconds, for a cumulative DPS of 33 per hand, or 66 DPS total. However, the bullets lack penetration, so a dense enough cloud of defensive bullets can eradicate most, if not all of a Gunner's incoming bullets. They also have a secondary attack where they spin around and increase their bullet cycle rate to 0.1 seconds, spraying bullets in a spiral for 5 seconds. They have level 2 armor and 860 health.
  • Tier 4 Gunners have 1720 health and have level 3 armor. They have an army helmet with a Sassafras eye icon on it. Instead of having guns on their hands, they carry around a deployable Vulcan turret emplacement. The Vulcan has eight barrels and an eight-bullet cycle rate of 0.4 seconds, with each bullet dealing 3 damage for a cumulative DPS of 60. These bullets have slightly higher penetration than those of a Tier 3's, but can be out-penetrated with strong enough bullets. However, some are still likely to get through. While firing, it is stationary, but it can rotate its cannon around. Being considered a miniboss, it has five attacks, 4 common and 1 ultimate (the latter of which is rarely used, but can be carried out an unlimited amount of times):
    • A standard firing behavior focusing on one target.
    • A firing behavior where the minigun is swept back and forth to sprinkle a wide area.
    • A melee attack where the Gunner picks up its minigun and smacks a target with it, dealing 30 damage and medium knockback.
    • A burst attack where the Gunner doubles its fire rate to 16 bullets every 0.4 seconds, thereby increasing its DPS to 120. However, these bursts last for 3 seconds and number between 2-4.
    • Its ultimate attack consists of a prolonged burst where the Gunner continually fires its minigun at three times its normal speed for 15 seconds, eventually overloading it and causing it to explode. Billowing smoke can be seen in the 7 seconds prior to the minigun's destruction. The explosion will knock the Gunner back a fair distance and deal it no damage, but it causes players who are caught in the medium-range blast to be dealt knockback and 100 damage. After taking 2 seconds to recover, the Gunner reaches into a portal and pulls out another minigun to continue fighting.


Heavies are not "heavy" in terms of armor nor health; rather, the term originates from their powerful glass-cannon properties, contrary to the usual definition of a tank unit. Heavies have the highest damage per hit (DPH) of any Legionnaire class, and they know it. Heavies tend to target groups of players in order to deal as much damage as they possibly can, while staying as far away as is feasible while still having decent aim. Their movement speed is lacking, being the same as a Hoplite's.

  • Tier 1 Heavies have a maxed out Destroyer barrel mounted on the side of one of their hands. The barrel reload is 2.56 seconds, damage at 158 (37 * (30/7)), and maxed penetration and bullet speed. They do brace against the recoil of their barrel when firing, but if in the middle of a firefight, they may end up propelling themselves into a player's ammunition. They have 180 health and no armor, making them rather easy to destroy.
  • Tier 2 Heavies have a maxed out Annihilator barrel mounted in the same place as a Tier 1's. All bullet stats stay the same, although what has changed, obviously, is the size of the bullet, making it significantly harder to avoid. Since the recoil is higher if the Heavy does not brace against it when in the middle of a battle, it may launch itself to its death. They have 360 health and no armor.
  • Tier 3 Heavies have a Bomber barrel with maxed out stats mounted to the side where the previous tier's barrel was. The bomb has an explosion radius of 5 tiles and deal 80% of the damage of a Destroyer's bullet at dead center, reducing to 15% at the terminus of the blast radius. The barrel's reload is about 4.25 seconds, and the bomb firing process itself has little recoil, about the same as a Skimmer. They have 720 health and no armor.
  • Tier 4 Heavies have a large Bomber barrel with maxed out stats that fires an even larger and more powerful bomb, with a maximum damage of 100% that of a Destroyer bullet's at dead center, and a blast radius of 10 tiles. They have level 1 armor and 1440 health. Their reload, fortunately, is rather slow 7 seconds, and a scope target points to where the Heavy will aim before firing, so players can move out of the way. It suffers little recoil. Being considered a miniboss, it has five attacks, 4 common and 1 ultimate (the latter of which is rarely used, but can be carried out an unlimited amount of times):
    • An attack where the Heavy fires its big bomb normally.
    • An attack where the Heavy releases a cluster of 5-9 small bombs with blast radii of 2.5 tiles and a max damage of 30% that of a Destroyer's.
    • An attack where the Heavy fires four Destroyer bullets in rapid succession aimed in random directions.
    • An attack where the Heavy fires a bomb into the ground, creating a crater that players can get stuck in and have difficulty getting out.
    • Its ultimate attack is firing out six mini-Smasher drones that chase down players. Each drone has 500 health and has 8 points in body damage, translating to 72 damage per hit.


Sharpshooters are one of the physical-based ranged classes of the Legion, the other being the Archer. Whereas Archers shoot indiscriminately at the enemy closest to them, Sharpshooters hunt out what they deem the most dangerous targets and snipe them down from afar, a tactic that can decimate the flank of Tank armies. They are very accurate in what they do, so any classes weak to Sniper-type classes are especially vulnerable to the bullets of Sharpshooters. The main mode of combat to counter them is to try and meet their fast high-penetration bullets with bullets of higher penetration or masses of medium penetration bullets, or attack in groups. Their weakness is that they have no way of targeting multiple beings at the same time, but they make up for it with their smaller size (80% of the average) and fast movement speed. If they are in imminent danger, Sharpshooters will focus on their closest attacker instead of prioritizing the strongest and most dangerous attacker elsewhere. All the stats of Sharpshooters are maxed.

  • Tier 1 Sharpshooters have 220 health and no armor, and the FOV of a Sniper. They have one Sniper barrel with 66% of the reload of a normal tank's, and nothing else.
  • Tier 2 Sharpshooters have 440 health and no armor. They have a Hunter barrel with Sniper reload (66%) with a scope, allowing them to be more accurate with their shots. They have the FOV of a Hunter's.
  • Tier 3 Sharpshooters have a Predator setup with scope, 50% reload, and have a much larger FOV than a Tier 1 or Tier 2 equal to that of an Assassin's, allowing them to deal even more damage to far-off targets. They have 880 health and level 1 armor.
  • Tier 4 Sharpshooters have a Precision Sniper setup with six barrels total, 1760 health, and level 2 armor. Since a Precision Sniper's fire rate is 33% of a normal tank's fire rate, it is particularly vulnerable, yet has the capability to land one-hit kills on most things with 150 or less health. They have the largest FOV, equal to that of a Ranger. Being considered a miniboss, it has five attacks, 4 common and 1 ultimate (the latter of which is rarely used, but can be carried out an unlimited amount of times):
    • A slow-firing attack that releases the normal cluster of six bullets.
    • An attack where Streamliner bullets are released from the central barrel for 6 seconds, swept back and forth to hit everything in range. This is one of the few multi-target attacks that a Sharpshooter has.
    • An attack where the two side barrels next to the central turret target two other targets, giving the Sharpshooter the capability to attack three targets at the same time. This behavior lasts for 20-50 seconds.
    • An attack where the Sharpshooter retreats backwards while firing at the entity closest to it, only used when in imminent danger (the retreat behavior mentioned above in the overview section.)
    • Its ultimate attack consists of the Sharpshooter aiming all of its barrels at one target and releasing its bullets at double damage and penetration of the norm, thus increasing the likelihood of the target's crippling. The thing about this attack is that it will always leave the target with at least 10 HP.


Casters like caster wheels, casting fishing rods, and most of all, casting spells. Casters are the magic-based units of the Legion, and trade off size (75%, they are rather small) and speed (medium speed) for a variety of unique powers and good health. They don't move very fast but can defend against multiple players with relative ease. However, they require some time to charge up their spells, making them vulnerable. As such, they are reliant on support from their fellow Legionnaires. Casters have distinctive hoods like some Dungeon Crawler enemies. The Tier 4 Caster has a very unique Hesperian magician's hat and wand, and are known to perform magic tricks for their fellow Hesperians, even in the heat of battle.

  • Tier 1 Casters have 255 health and no armor. They have a telekinesis ability that allows them to use the projectiles of tanks or fellow Hesperians and send them flying at their enemies for body damage. They can launch up to 5 objects, and their ability has a cooldown of 2.5 seconds.
  • Tier 2 Casters, in addition to a telekinesis ability that is upgraded to 7 objects, have a chain lightning ability not unlike that of the Chain Mage that activates within an 8 tile radius. In doing so, the lightning can jump up to 5 times, dealing 30, 25, 20, 15, and 10 damage successively. One target cannot be struck more than once. The telekinesis spell has a cooldown of 3 seconds, while the lightning spell has a cooldown of 4 seconds. Casters can use one spell right after another if it is ready, but doing so negates the cooldown of their other spell(s). Tier 2 Casters have 510 health and no armor.
  • Tier 3 Casters, in addition to having powered-up versions of a Tier 2 Caster's abilities, have a magnetic force ability as well. A Tier 3 Caster can control up to 12 objects with a cooldown of 5 seconds, a lightning that jumps 6 times for 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, and 15 damage with a cooldown of 6 seconds, and a magnetic ability which draws in players, traps, and drones. The magnetic ability is used sparingly, as the Caster runs the risk of damaging itself with enemy drones and traps. Drawing in players is used in conjunction with the attacks of other Legionnaires to bring down individual players quickly. While a player is magnetized, they cannot move while being drawn in, but they can still fire. Dealing enough damage to the Caster will cause it to lose its grip and force it to release the player. The magnetic ability has a cooldown of 15 seconds. Tier 3 Casters have level 1 armor and 1020 health.
  • Tier 4 Casters have level 1 armor and 2040 health. They are considered experts in their fields of magic-casting. They also have no cooldown in their abilities, allowing them to use one power right after the previous without an intermission. Being considered a miniboss, it has five attacks, 4 common and 1 ultimate (the latter of which is rarely used, but can be carried out an unlimited amount of times):
    • A telekinetic ability with the capability to handle up to 20 objects.
    • A chain lightning ability that is capable of jumping up to 8 targets within a 10 tile radius, dealing 50, 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, and 15 damage.
    • A fireball ability that launches 4 fireballs, each of which deals 40 damage and inflicts Burning in a 1.5 tile radius.
    • A capture ability that converts nearby drones and traps to the Caster's command, allowing it to utilize them as its own. Any players who have their drones taken by this ability can respawn them, with the exception of Hypnotists and Necromancers, of course.
    • An ultimate summon ability that summons 10 Tier 1 Legionnaires, one of each class.


EToD Legionnaires1

The Grappler, Beserker, Pyro, Waller, and Archer classes.

Grapplers catch everything and anything they can reach with their Griever claws. They are normal-sized and move at a medium-fast speed. They are... greedy, to say the least. They may end up grabbing their own allies (but deal no damage while doing so), disrupting attacks and pulling friend and foe alike into others. Very unpredictable, the foul disposition of a Grappler causes them to vent their anger into randomly firing their hooks wherever they can. This, with the added fact that they are very frail, makes them by far the easiest Legionnaires to destroy.

  • Tier 1 Grapplers have no armor, only 185 health, and one Griever hook. The hook deals 8 damage for each second a target is hooked. They attack by pulling in their target and flinging them in a random direction. The range of the hook is 20 tiles.
  • Tier 2 Grapplers have no armor, a Lurker hook that has a range of 25 tiles, and 370 health. Their method of attack is exactly the same, except that they deal 12 damage per second now.
  • Tier 3 Grapplers have level 1 armor, two Lurker hooks (one on each hand with a range of 30 tiles each), and 740 health. In addition to their fling attack, Tier 3 Grapplers may also smash two hooked targets together for even more damage (30-60, depending on body damage.).
  • Tier 4 Grapplers have level 2 armor, two very shiny gold-colored "crab claw" hooks, and 1480 health. They have a pointy helmet. Being considered a miniboss, it has five attacks, 4 common and 1 ultimate (the latter of which is rarely used, but can be carried out an unlimited amount of times):
    • An attack where the claws swipe at players from a distance, dealing 20-30 damage.
    • An attack where one claw grips a player and pulls them in over 6 seconds, inflicting Bleeding for 4 seconds afterwards and 10 damage every second while gripped.
    • An attack where the claws are put together and act as a ram for the Grappler to charge into players, inflicting 60 damage and Paralyzed for 2.5 seconds afterwards.
    • An attack where the Grappler grabs 10 players rapidly and flings them out of the way, dealing only 5 damage to each but tossing them a far distance away from the battle.
    • An ultimate "attack" where the Grappler turns its entire body to shiny, shiny gold, becoming Invincible and immobile while "Shiny" plays at full volume. Once the song ends, the Grappler will resume fighting.


Berserkers, surprisingly enough, are the most rational and reasonable of Legionnaires. They are the heaviest of the heavy, and often run simulations of tenth-dimensional spacial figures, quantum mechanics, and the like in their heads in their free time. However, when in combat, they are limited to plotting the best course of action every half second. Even so, their movements, which may appear to almost everyone as irrational, random, and the actions of a crazy, berserk being, are actually carefully thought out and have several layers of reasoning behind them. Never does a Berserker truly go berserk, unless someone steals their favorite mace(s). If so, they lose all sort of rational reasoning and computation ability and release the IE Energy within, attacking the target of their aggression with gusto. Beserkers are even slower than Hoplites, and are quite large, with a 130% increase in size over normal Legionnaires. All tiers of Berserkers have some form of helmet with curvy horns. Their maces do not destroy bullets, but will maul drones and traps, especially true for the latter.

  • Tier 1 Berserkers have 430 health, level 2 armor, and a mace. The mace, with a range of 8 tiles, swings around at a fast speed, fired in such a way to damage players for 20 damage per hit and deal a small amount of knockback.
  • Tier 2 Berserkers have 860 health, level 3 armor, and two maces. They deal the same damage with each mace, but can execute an attack that consists of spinning the maces in circles to deal damage repeatedly to targets close up.
  • Tier 3 Berserkers have 1760 health, level 4 armor, and two slightly slower but larger maces that have a range of 12 tiles and deal 35 damage on hit. They have the same two attacks as before, and inflict a medium amount of knockback with their larger maces.
  • Tier 4 Berserkers have an incredible 3520 health, level 5 armor, and two massive maces. They are twice the size of normal Tier 4 Legionnaires, with a 200% increase in size instead of 130% like the other Berserker tiers. Their maces are slower than large maces, but deal 55 damage on hit, have a range of 14 tiles, and inflict heavy knockback. It is highly recommended to engage a Berserker at a distance, as they are very slow and lack any sort of long-ranged attack. Being considered a miniboss (but with this kind of health and armor, it could be a boss in its own right), it has five attacks, 4 common and 1 ultimate (the latter of which is rarely used, but can be carried out an unlimited amount of times):
    • An attack where the Berserker jumps and cannonballs itself into the ground, sending out a shockwave in a ring around it with a range of 20 tiles, dealing 10-60 damage the closer players are to the Berserker.
    • An attack where the Berserker spirals its maces while charging into a player to deal 120-150 damage. There is a noticeable shake for 2 seconds before the Berserker charges in a player's direction, so they have time to get out of the way.
    • An attack where the Berserker tosses one of its maces to latch onto a player, pulling itself towards them quickly and dealing 30 damage.
    • An attack where the Berserker roars in an area with a radius of 40 tiles centered on the Berserker, inflicting Panic and Paralyzed for 7 and 2 seconds respectively. Afterwards, it will mace smash the nearest player for 60 damage.
    • An ultimate attack where the Berserker lets its maces go out to 10 tiles and starts spinning rapidly, creating a tornado that sucks everything and anything that isn't a Hesperian towards it in a 50 tile radius. Anything that gets sucked into the tornado is dealt damage equal to half of their current health, then flung out again. The tornado lasts for 25 seconds.


To call someone a pyromaniac among Hesperians is considered a compliment of the highest order - as the Pyros of the Legion of the Lord are widely considered to be the most organized and effective unit among the Legionnaires, second only to the Beserkers in most situations. However, their light armor (or lack thereof) makes them relatively frail, but they make up for that with their massive damage output at short range. All Pyros wear eye protection, as the eye is often the most integral part of a Hesperian. How would they see where to buy IE Energy drinks with burned eyes yet to be repaired with IE Energy-infused Hesperian medicine?

Unless otherwise noted, all fire-related weapons inflict Burning on their targets for as long as they are in their area of effect and for 4 seconds afterward.

  • Tier 1 Pyros have no armor and one flamethrower that deals 50 damage per second at the maximum but has only a 10-tile range. They have 210 health.
  • Tier 2 Pyros have no armor, and two flamethrowers that deal 55 damage per second at the maximum with a 15-tile range. They have 450 health.
  • Tier 3 Pyros have no armor, one Flame Burst weapon, and one Fire Destroyer barrel. This addition of a long-range Destroyer bullet on fire that inflicts twice the damage of a normal Destroyer bullet, about 200 damage. The Flame Burst weapon fires blasts of flame that have a range of 20 tiles and deals 30 damage per blast. They have 880 health.
  • Tier 4 Pyros have level 1 armor, one flamethrower that can act like a Flame Burst weapon (and has the same stats as the Tier 3's weapon), one Fire Destroyer barrel (also with the same stats), and an eye laser that locks onto targets, increasing from 1 damage per second to 100 damage per second over the course of 30 seconds. The eye laser has a range of 30 tiles, but does not inflict Burning. Being considered a miniboss, it has five attacks, 4 common and 1 ultimate (the latter of which is rarely used, but can be carried out an unlimited amount of times):
    • An attack where the eye laser fires off 6 pulse lasers, dealing 20 damage per laser. Repeated 1-3 times.
    • An attack where the Fire Destroyer barrel is used to launch off 3 fiery Annihilator bullets that deal 300 damage each.
    • An attack where the flamethrower triples its cone size to a range of 60 tiles but halves its maximum damage per second to 30. This effect lasts for 10 seconds.
    • An attack where the Fire Destroyer bullets are sped up by 200% and have their damage increased by 30%. To indicate this, the already-glowing Fire Destroyer barrel will glow even redder.
    • An ultimate attack where the Pyro points its weapons downwards, propelling itself upwards with a large expanding blast of flame beneath it. This expanding flame has a radius of 20 tiles and deals a maximum of 75 damage per second. Before using this attack, the Pyro will stop attacking for about 5 seconds.


Waller Legionnaires function best as supporting units for their fellow Legionnaires. Shying away from direct combat, they prefer to construct defenses with their array of traps and caltrops. All but the best of this group will actively avoid direct engagements, thus; they would rather construct walls of defensive emplacements from which other Legionnaires can retreat to. Outside of combat, some Waller Legionnaires tend to be reclusive introverts. Waller Legionnaires are normal sized.

  • Tier 1 Wallers have 290 health, and two trap launchers that can launch traps every 0.7 seconds. They have little offensive capability and rely on the help of other Legionnaires to succeed in battle; thus, they will be found between the rear ranged units and the forward infantry of the Hoplites and Beserkers. They have level 1 armor.
  • Tier 2 Wallers have 520 health, level 2 armor, two trap launchers, and one Mega Trap launcher on their helmet. In addition to building trap walls, they can fire out large traps that fly over the front lines to hit enemies every 5 seconds.
  • Tier 3 Wallers trade out the trap mortar of the Tier 2s in favor of extra trap launchers inside their existing launchers, for a total of four nested. They can push out 4 traps every 0.5 seconds, making it very hard to land a hit. This, coupled with their level 3 armor and 900 health, makes them formidable foes.
  • Tier 4 Wallers have level 3 armor and 1640 health. It has a holo-shield projector that can absorb 1200 HP worth of damage before disappearing for a recharge time of 20 seconds, and a nested trap launcher than can launch 2 traps and 1 Thorn Mine at the same time. This composite launcher is optimized for both defensive and long-range functions, giving these Wallers a chance on the advanced forces. Being considered a miniboss, it has five attacks, 4 common and 1 ultimate (the latter of which is rarely used, but can be carried out an unlimited amount of times):
    • An attack where the Waller doubles the width of its holoshield on both sides, allowing it to defend its fellow Legionnaires better and itself. The shield can absorb an extra 300 HP of damage before disappearing when this attack is used.
    • An attack where the Waller fires off a pulse of 12 traps and 6 Thorn Mines at medium range, scattering the contact hazards every which way.
    • An attack where the Waller sweeps its composite launcher from left to right, laying down a dense wall of traps and Thorn Mines. More likely to be used when its shield is down.
    • An attack where the Waller launches off a volley of long-range traps to hit targets from afar, firing every 2 seconds.
    • An ultimate attack where the Waller transforms its holoshield into a gigantic holo-scythe that it slashes forwards once before disappating, dealing 100-120 damage to anything in the scythe's 14 tile range.


Archer Legionnaires wield Ballistas as their primary weapon, but the upper tiers also use lances on the side to defend themselves in close quarters. They often work alongside Sharpshooter and Gunner Legionnaires to form ranged squads. Archer Legionnaires are normal-sized.

  • Tier 1 Archers have 325 health, no armor, and a single-shot weapon that deals 40 damage on hit. It can fire a projectile every 1.1 seconds.
  • Tier 2 Archers have 640 health, level 1 armor, and a triple-shot weapon that deals 40 damage per projectile. Reload is 1 second.
  • Tier 3 Archers have 920 health, level 2 armor, a small lance, and a larger triple-shot weapon that deals 50 damage per projectile. Reload is 1 second.
  • Tier 4 Archers have 1570 health, level 3 armor, a larger lance, and a larger triple-shot weapon that deals 55 damage per projectile under normal conditions. Reload is 0.8 seconds. Being considered a miniboss, it has five attacks, 4 common and 1 ultimate (the latter of which is rarely used, but can be carried out an unlimited amount of times):
    • An attack where the Archer shoots off 4 sets of projectiles for 12 total.
    • A melee attack where the archer swipes at a target with its sword, inflicting Bleeding for 2 seconds and 60 damage.
    • An attack where the Archer fires a series of 8 projectiles from its center barrel only in rapid succession, dealing 40 damage per projectile.
    • An attack where the Archer fires a large projectile from its center barrel that deals 80-120 damage on hit and inflicts Poisoned for 7 seconds.
    • An ultimate attack where the Archer doubles its fire rate to 0.4 seconds, firing a sustained volley of projectiles while moving its archer arm back and forth for maximum coverage for 15 seconds.

Legion Commanders

  • Tamatoa (Grappler Commander)
  • Lysandre (Pyro Commander)
  • Diepmon (Gunner Commander)
  • Broodhelen (Caster Commander)
  • First Mate Bonkers (Heavy Commander)
  • Revenant Doubleheader (Archer Commander)
  • Coldfist (Hoplite Commander)
  • Stratospheric Spirit (Sharpshooter Commander)
  • Ugandan Knuckles (Waller Commander)
  • Berthe (Berserker Commander)
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