The Light Machine Gun (or LMG) is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Submachine Gun and can be selected at Level 30. It upgrades to the Heavy Machine Gun, Sprayer, or Minigun at Level 45.


The Light Machine Gun has a circular body like most other tanks, and has a single trapezoidal Cannon protruding from its base, much like the Submachine Gun. However, it has two slender triangles spaced out equally from the center Cannon to make the tank look like it is mounted on a bipod.


The Light Machine Gun further increases Reload and Bullet Speed when compared to the Submachine Gun, but it also worsens the spread of the previously mentioned tank. It also has decreased recoil compared to the SMG.

Overall, their mechanics are extremely similar.


  • Strong Against: Low RoF, Flank Guard-class tanks, low-level tanks, Tier 4 tanks depending on stats and class, unskilled drone users.
  • Weak Against: Sniper-class tanks with high power builds, Drone classes except the Necromancer, highly mobile classes e.g. Fighter, concentrated DPS classes such as the Triplet, Gunner branch tanks, and Factory.

As the Light Machine Gun

  • Most strategies involving bullets that apply to the Submachine Gun apply to the Light Machine Gun due to their extremely similar mechanics.
  • An LMG should have an easier time killing enemies than its predecessor due to its sped up bullets. Despite its heightened spread, more bullets will be able to reach its opponents without being destroyed.
  • The LMG's faster reload and bullets and increased spread counterbalance its close range effectiveness, making it roughly identical to the SMG but with more stats from invested skill points.
  • Spread fire tanks are a good target for the LMG. The LMG's spread allows most if not all bullets from the enemy tank to be countered effectively while its faster bullets allow the LMG to retaliate with usually more effective fire than the enemy has.
  • Due to its decreased recoil, the LMG is able to pursue targets while firing to some degree. Also due to said decreased recoil, the LMG is not an effective rammer.
  • Be careful of Level 45 tanks who will probably be able to overpower the LMG's defensive wall with sheer stats and Tier 4 classes.
  • If a bullet spammer can close the distance, they will typically be able to overwhelm an LMG. Always prioritize keeping distance from bullet spammers over all else.

Against the Light Machine Gun

  • The LMG is able to defend against bullets exactly like an SMG can. Therefore, it's only recommended to take on an LMG at close range as a bullet spammer, since it will defend most bullets that have been weakened by travelling distance.
  • Sniper-class and Destroyer-class tanks have powerful bullets that the LMG cannot usually defend against before contact, especially if the LMG is low level and therefore doesn't have all its stats.
  • Non-Necromancer Drone users can overpower the LMG's bullets and kill it easily.


  • The Light Machine Gun is a revised version of the short-lived Machine Gun II.


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