The Light Portal can be accessed by going to a certain location. When the player reaches there, if they have the Emerald of Acuteness, Topaz of Dexterity, and the Amethyst of Glory, these will create the portal. These gems can be acquired from the Emerald Castle, Topaz Spire, and Amethyst Tower respectively.


When the player first enters, there will be a path of glowing yellow. They must follow this path. After doing so, they will encounter many tanks of all levels, all bright yellow and doing their thing. They will never attack the player and are all called Light (name of Tank). Example: Light Overlord.

After the player reaches the end of the path, in which it has expanded into a Light Realm, they will encounter the Light Sovereign, who will give them the Pure Light. The player will then make their way back to the normal world.

Darkness Portal

The opposite of the Light Realm. It can be accessed from the other side of the map using the Dark Emerald of Cloudiness, the Dark Topaz of Ineptitude, and the Dark Amethyst of Notoriety.


Instead of a path of glowing yellow, there is a path of emanating darkness. There are black pikes everywhere. Level 45 Tanks of all kinds will spot and attack the player. They are all named (name of Tank) of Darkness. When the player reaches the Darkness Sovereign, the Sovereign will attempt to convert the player to their side by shooting Pure Darkness at them. The player grabs it in a cutscene and runs away. The cutscene ends and now the player must actively avoid the Dark Sovereign who is chasing them. After the player escapes, a Dark Hand comes out and grabs the player. It has 500 HP and the player has to destroy it before becoming free, with the Pure Darkness.


  • What's ironic is that while "Light Necromancer" doesn't fit at all but "Overlord of Darkness" fits perfectly. Even more ironic is that these two are rivals in the tank world. And perhaps the best, if one were to reverse the two so that it makes "Light Overlord" and "Necromancer of Darkness", even if it makes sense, it still doesn't sound quite right. Funny, eh?
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