The Light Railgun (LRG) upgrades from the Cannon at level 45. It is a tier 4 tank. There is no tier 3 tank in this class.


The LRG has 3 barrels that all fire randomly, however, reload does affect how fast the barrels fire. The LRG has increased bullet speed, damage, bullet penetration, and movement speed, however, at base stats, it fires slower than a base Gunner. The LRG has a little bit larger field of view than a Sniper. When holding down shift, the LRG can charge up its cannons. Firing after charging up the cannons results in dealing more damage with a faster rate of fire and quicker bullet speed.


The LRG has a circular body with 3 long cannons. It resembles a mix between a Streamliner and a Predator. Seen below is an LRG firing.



  • Use the larger field of view to avoid enemies too strong or snipe them
  • Engage non-focus fire tanks, like the Penta Shot or Spread Shot
  • Agains rammers, use the wide field of view and faster movement speed to fire at them while escaping


  • Try to hit the LRG from the sides
  • Dodge the stream of fire while charging at the LRG if rammer
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