The Liquid Lava Shooter is an upgrade from the Flamethrower. It is a 4th tier tank, mainly designed to counter snipers.


The design of the Liquid Lava Shooter is similar to the Flamethrower, with a Sprayer-esque barrel with 3 lines on it. 2 separate parts stick out and attach to the main barrel.


  • Extremely quick firing speed
  • Immobilized while firing
  • No knockback/recoil
  • Any tank hit by a bullet will take up to 30% of the damage that bullet did for 6 seconds (i.e. a bullet hits for 20 damage, so over the next 6 seconds it deals 6 more damage, totaling to 26 damage overall)
  • -50% Attack damage.
  • Alt fire activates an ability that increases your speed by 50% and negates the immobilization while firing. This is recharged by killing a tank in the Sniper tree, or waiting 45 seconds.
  • Takes 1.75x damage from any class from ANY member in the sniper tree
  • Larger spread radius.
  • Reload points are emptied out, and the slot that was reload is now Afterburn Length. Each point put into it makes your afterburn last 0.3 seconds longer, for a maximum of 8.1 seconds, making that 26 damage from an unupgraded afterburn turn into a 28 damage.


As the Liquid Lava Shooter

  • Capitalize on the speed buff. Since reload is a not a major issue (it's actually disabled, and replaced by Afterburn Length), focus on speed, and damage. You are mainly focused on either killing a sniper or escaping a bad situation.
  • Charge your enemies when they can not escape. If they can't get out of the situation you've put them in, it is unlikely they will survive the flamethrower, or afterburn.
  • Be wary of Drones, since they now do the 1.75x damage.
  • Flanking is important, but be smart when you attack, since you can't move when you do attempt to go for a kill, unless you have your ability.

Against the Liquid Lava Shooter

  • Liquid Lava Shooters can not move while attacking, leaving them vulnerable to ranged attacks.
  • Avoid getting hit if you can, since afterburn can affect you even after your enemies death. Afterburn, even though it doesn't stack, can still be deadly, especially if your enemy upgraded their damage.
  • Avoid crowded areas, or dead ends, since they are hard to escape with an LLS guarding it.
  • The spread on the LLS is slightly larger than the original flamethrower, so be wary when getting up close.
  • Get away from a charging LLS, since they can fire and move at the same time.
  • If you are in the Sniper tree, use the 1.75x damage to destroy the LLS before it can attack.

Code to the LLS


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