Machinist is one of the current tier 4 upgrades from the Spreadgun and the Gunner. It may not upgrade any further as it is at the end if its upgrade line. Idea by Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL!


The Machinist features a circular tank body with Two Auto Machine Gun Turrets on the sides, and One Auto Machine Gun Turret mounted on the top.


The Machinists Side Turrets have a rotational axis of 45 degrees for each side. The Mounted turret at the top has full 360 degree rotation. Each Auto Turret has the same stats as a Machine Gun, only different being the bullet damage, which is scaled down to 33% of what it already is.


  • The Machinists name really fits.
  • Was originally only upgradable from Spreadgun, but Gunner was later added as an option.
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