Magellanic is a Galaxy Boss which has a chance to spawn 10–13 minutes after the server starts and 15–23 minutes after the death of the previous Boss.


Just no... look at the pic.




The Magellanic movement speed is very impressive, nearly as fast as the Fallen Booster, however it does not try to ram tanks due to its horrible HP, and it tries to dodge Destroyer bullets.


It moves around like a Defender however it stays out of range of the base protectors, also if you get close to it is tries to go away.

Spawners and barrel

Minions from the Magellanic can be ANY sniper class tank (except Trapper and overseer branch), they have 58.4 HP each so they're easy to ram/kill, they give 1k XP each

The Barrel on Magellanic is similar to a ranger barrel but it has a smaller barrel on it that doesn't fire, its bullets are 2x as powerful as a ranger bullet and reloads every 3 seconds.

It has an Auto Dominator turret on it but it doesn't do anything.


The Magellanic has a Horrible HP of 1073 because its range based, it regens 20 HP per 5 secs so you must be VERY fast to kill it, it also has the FOV of a Ranger but wont attack until you get within a Sniper FOV of it.


It also has abilities like all other Galaxy Bosses.

A Friend:Spawns a smaller version of itself, the smaller one has 500 HP and orbits the bigger one, like the Small Magellanic Cloud orbiting the Larger one.

Stealth Attack:Goes invisible, teleports to a random place and leaves behind 5-10 Stalkers, it cannot regen HP in any way until it is hit again.

More to come...


Strong Against:Destroyer Branch, Trapper Branch, slow tanks.

Weak Against:Rammers, Long Ranged Tanks. High ROF Tanks

The Best but hardest way to counter and kill it is MANY, MANY rammers, because of its horrible HP and body damage you can surround it, but due to its high regen you must be constantly doing max damage to it.

Using another long ranged tank can work but you must be careful since you can be 1 hit killed by the Magellanic's barrel.

Use any other tank (except destroyers) that can quickly kill alpha pentagons.


  • It has the lowest HP of any boss i've ever made.
  • Name is based off the Magellanic Cloud's, 2 galaxies orbiting each other.
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