The Magician is an upgrade available from the Basic Tank at Level 15. Created by SomeCatchyName. It is the first class to use the Bullet Bending ability.


The Magician looks like a Basic Tank, except it has two semi-circles on its sides, like all Bullet Bending tanks do (see Bullet Bending for further detail about the design).


  • The Magician's reload is slower than a Basic Tank's, but not as slow as a Sniper's. Its bullet damage is also decreased, but bullet penetration and FOV are increased.
  • It is quite simply a Basic Tank, just with the ability to bend Bullets. See the Bullet Bending page for everything you need to know.


  • Strong against: Low reload tanks, Tanks with only one side of barrels
  • Weak against: Octo-Tank, Pentashot, High reload tanks

As the Magician

  • More reload means more bullets at a time, keep this in mind.
  • When it comes to strategy, the Magician is very similar to the Sniper. Avoid close combat, especially if you're up against a Bullet Spammer, stay away and use the element of surprise.
  • Once again, the Bullet Bending page has everything you need to know.

Against the Magician

  • When against this tank, shoot and destroy all of its bullets because even though you may dodge it, it can always boomerang back to you and kill you from behind. If you let a Magician shoot multiple bullets, you will probably get flanked and killed.
  • High penetration is key. You need to be able to take down the Magician's bullets faster than he can make more if you want to kill him. It's kind of like killing any drone spawner, in some cases.
  • High reload is also important so you can quickly fire in all directions.


  • Like the Sniper, upon upgrading to this tank, your main source of points will be killing other tanks. If you haven't quite perfected this technique, you're better off staying as a Tank until Level 30 and then perhaps upgrading to the Flanker.
  • There are three tanks you can upgrade to at Level 30 - Flanker, Healer, and Sorcerer.
  • If you are in a Team Mode and want to become more of a defensive support tank, then upgrade to the Healer.
  • If you want to be an offensive support tank, upgrade to the Sorcerer (however, the Sorcerer class can be useful in FFA too).
  • If you just want to kill, choose the Flanker (or perhaps the Sorcerer). Of course, if the Flanker's unusual barrel placement doesn't suit you, you can just press 'Ignore' and stick with the Magician until Level 45.


  • The creator of this tank thought it was both overpowered and underpowered at the same time, which worried him for a whole day before he realised that it was a good thing.
  • Controlling bullets slows them down a tiny bit compared to letting them fire on their own.
  • Created by SomeCatchyName.
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