"A rare case; The person in question? Not lied too, but told the truth that hurt the most. She had known it was the truth."

The Malumrobitatis is a polygon boss tank added on 3/5/2017. It is based off of...

Malumrobitatis features an Auto Knight Turret and a Spawner.

Malumrobitatis can spawn in every Gamemode, excluding Maze.


Malumrobitatis features a red apple-shaped body with a regular Spawner mounted onto the back and an Auto Knight turret mounted onto the front center.


The Malumrobitatis features 3,000 health, which, if you haven't known by this point, is the regular health for most boss tanks. Upon being defeated/destroyed, The Malumrobitatis will drop 30,000 EXP to the player who had defeated Malumrobitatis, which will immediately raise a tank to level 45. Malumrobitatis will regenerate 25 health per second if Malumrobitatis is left alone for 35 seconds. Malumrobitatis has the body damage of 80% of an Alpha Pentagon. Malumrobitatis has twice of the movement speed of the Guardian polygon boss.


The Spawner mounted onto Malumrobitatis is a simple one, yet an effective weapon to use in battle. The Spawner itself fires out Orange-Red colored Crashers, has 70% of the reload found on the Manager, and when the Crasher-like Drones are fired out, they travel about 14 background units before going off on their own; Kinda like the stall time for the Missile found on the Launcher. The drones themselves have the speed of a regular Crasher, the Body Damage of a completely maxed out Spike, 65% of the health found on regular Pentagon, about 85 health points, and knock back the player by 8 Background Squares. The maximum for the drones is exactly 40. A valuable asset to be used for Malumrobitatis, and very hard to avoid.

Auto Knight Turret

Like the Spawner, the Auto Knight turret is another weapon valuable to the Malumrobitatis. They fire parallel shots from their Squire turrets; The front and back fire first, and then the sides fire. As a refresher, the Squire has the ability to pull tanks towards its arrow-shaped bullets. The pull for the bullets for the Auto Knight Turret is around 2 Background Units per second, although this can be outmaneuvered by just shooting the bullet multiple times. The Bullet Damage and Penetration is the same as a Destroyer, the bullet speed about 75% that of an Assassin, and the reload is the same as the Knight.


  • Malumrobitatis used to represent the Element of Honesty before being revoked and reused.
  • Goddamn Apples.
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