The Spawner is a level 60 tank by GameOver2016. It previous tank upgrade the Factory and uses it's 3 Mega Spawners to spawn the powerful Advanced Minions.


The Manufacturer features a triangular-shaped body, with its 3 Mega Spawers placed in the edges. It also includes a tiny Auto-Turret, which fires smaller but faster bullets compared to other Auto-Turrets.


With its massive Spawners, this tank can create Advanced Minions. Advanced minions work just like normal Minions, with the difference being they're as big and have base stats as a level 1 Tank. (Stat upgrades still apply.) Also, the Minion's AI is increased slightly, having them use cover from big polygons, flank tactics and more to kill the enemy.


  • Strong Against: Low level tanks, nearby Snipers, Bullet Spammers, unskilled tanks overall.
  • Weak Against: High DPS, far away Snipers, skilled Rammers.


  • It was the first tank in the 'GameOver's Tier 5 tanks' series.
  • It's design resembles the Defender.
  • Originally, the Manufacturer's picture was made in Paint, but it was soon replaced by Fantasy Tank Builder.
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