The Maruader is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Hunter or the Assassin. It cannot upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


It has a wide trapezoidal base similar to that of the Bomber; on which is a Sniper barrel that has a small trapezoid at the end of it, whose base is shorter than the width of the Sniper barrel.


While the Bomber base is purely for decoration, this tank is a combination of the Hunter and the Assassin. It has the view range of the Assassin, coupled with the twin bullet gimmick of the Hunter. The bullet speed of both bullets (big and small) are equal to that of a Ranger's. The reload is 25% slower for both barrels, but they have 10% more bullet penetration. On the contrary, bullet damage is decreased by 20%. Making up for this is the fact that the barrels each have their own special ability. The smaller barrel has a 5% chance to do a critical hit (double damage). The larger barrel has a 5% chance to do 1.5x damage and become a homing bullet at the same time.


  • The creation of this tank was accidental.
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