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The starter tank is Spectator (lvl.0) with it you can choose a spot to spawn, it is invulnerable. You spawn at lvl.1 when shooting, in the spot you are at.


0. Level 0-9 (Editor is very limited)

  1. Level 10-19 (Some limits)
  2. Level 20-29 (No limits)
  3. Level 30-39
  4. Level 40-49
  5. Level 50
  6. 1 million points (Extra features)
  7. 10 million points (Even More features!)
  8. 100 million points (You will become a spectator, and you will be tier 0 again, but instead of just picking a tank, you have to also choose to be a double tank [Both tanks are controlled fully, with all power] or a stat tank. A stat tank can have stats upgraded 14 times, and there is a maximum of 66 skill points instead of 33. 14 in movement speed = twice as much movement speed. If you get to tier 8 again, the multiplier is increased [3 tanks or 99 skill points] The multiplier can be a maximum of 5.)

All other tanks are made with the editor.

There is a type of tank called a constant. Constants are unlocked at tier 2, and whenever you change tier, it gets more points. You do not change tank.


  1. Depending on what tier it is, you have a different amount of points.
  2. Placing barrels don't use any points, giving stats to barrels does.
  3. Giving buffs to tanks uses points ; Giving nerfs to tanks gives points.

Editor point usage

  1. Upgrading damage, speed, penetration and size of ammunition
  2. Reload for barrels
  3. Special stats of barrels
  4. Flexibility of ammunition stats (like basic tank reload with ahniliator damage)


  1. You must pick a primary attack (or benefit to team)
  2. You can pick a secondary attack, Tier 6 can have a tertiary attack, Tier 7 can have a quinary attack
  3. You must have natural buffs/nerfs (even if they don't affect anything)

Barrel types

  1. Bullet: Big Bullet, Bullet Spammer, Sniper
  2. Scope: Decoration, but required for a scope buff
  3. Insta: Type of barrel that shoots bullets with infinite speed (has a laser to warn enemies that you are aiming at them)
  4. Electric: Is Insta, can stun/move enemies
  5. Flame: Sets tanks on fire, certain types spread, color determines what it can set on fire (white is best, then blue and red)
  6. Laser: Can be Insta, Can be giant, But is always infinite penetration against ammunition
  7. Missile: Creates a explosion, can be homing/controlled
  8. Pathed: Tear Drop bullets that follow a path like a helix. Is not homing/controlled
  9. Freeze: Like flame, but slows tanks down
  10. Build: Can create Drones, Tanks, attachments, Traps, landmines, sentries, cages and walls
  11. Mage: Casts spells
  12. Spike: A body damage barrel
  13. Shield: Like Spike but for defense
  14. Mechanical: A moving arm that whacks and tosses certain objects
  15. Heal: Any type of ammunition/barrel, but with a plus. Heals allies, and some types absorb health from enemies
  16. Aimed/Auto: Any type of barrel that repeatedly moves in a path or is Auto
  17. Teleporting: When activated, it teleports you in the direction it is facing
  18. Booster: When activated, it boosts you in the direction it is facing


  1. FoV
  2. MLG: Makes people in your area see a bunch of doritoes, mountain dew, shrek, doge, and other memes
  3. Natural Stats
  4. Armor: Can make projectiles bounce off you
  5. Explosive: Makes projectiles explosive
  6. Overheating: Gives you a aura of heat that damages tanks
  7. Poison: Makes your projectiles have a chance of poisoning
  8. Natural Attachments


These are hard to get, and all are visible somehow

  1. Repair pack: Repairs health and gets destroyed when activated
  2. Repair Machine: Causes Hyper-Regeneration to start in 2 seconds
  3. Forcefield: A forcefield that acts as extra health, but can be destroyed
  4. Armor Maker: Increases max health
  5. Spikes: Causes spikes to pop up from all sides of you
  6. Bullet Booster: Increases bullet speed by putting boosters on them
  7. Bullet Armor Maker: Increases bullet penetration
  8. Bullet Spikes: Increases bullet damage
  9. Overclocker: Increases reload. The only attachment enabling multiple of itself (There is a limit)
  10. Shrinker: Gives you the effects of un-leveling up, increasing speed


  1. Elemental spells: Water, Fire, Energy, Earth
  2. Buffing/Nerfing spells
  3. Creation spells: Can create anything
  4. Healing spells
  5. Moving spells: Moves enemies temporarily or moves ammunition away from you or allies
  6. Defensive spells: Forcefields or Armor

Polygons and Bosses


A lvl.1 basic tank bullet deals 1 damage in hp

  1. Gray Circle: hp=0.25, XP=1. Extremely common anywhere but the center. Does not deal body damage.
  2. Pink Triangle: hp=1, XP=5. Very common anywhere away from tanks and the center.
  3. Cyan Square: hp=4, XP=25. Common anywhere away from tanks, ammunition, and the center.
  4. Blue Pentagon: hp=16, XP=125. Somewhat common far away from tanks, ammunition, and the center.
  5. Green Hexagon: hp=64, XP=625. Common in the center.
  6. Yellow Heptagon: hp=256, XP=3125. Rare in the center.
  7. Orange Octagon: hp=1024, XP=15625. Every 25 hexagons=one of these in center.
  8. Red Nonagon: hp=4096, XP=78125. Every 5 octagons=one of these in center.
  9. Purple Decagon: hp=65536, XP=1953125. Every 20 minutes=one of these in random place, with message "A Decagon has Spawned!"

Spirits/Crashers/Shape tanks

There is 10 spirits per server. Spirits have the stats of heptagons, and go around in a nest. In a nest, there is a Extreme amount of circles, a lot of triangles, a handful of squares, and the occasional pentagon. Nests re guarded by crashers, which spirits make. The crashers are as common as crashers from the real version, and have the same stats.

The center is guarded by Factory drones, which spawn for every 5 hexagons. The factory drones have maxed out reload, speed, health, and body damage. They have 3x as much damage and penetration as normal factory drones. Their body is a cyan hexagon, and their barrel is a gray square (Not a rectangle. It is a perfect square)


There are 3 tiers of bosses.

  1. These are standard bosses.
    • Spiked Spider (Mechanical legs/Spikes)
    • Fallen Booster (Boosters/Pathed barrel to make a helix)
    • Death Ray
    • Electric Burner
    • The Bullet Spammer (Different types of bullet barrels)
    • Teleporting Tank (Basic tank rammer that teleports)
    • The Professional Sniper
    • The Professional Killer (Killer is a type of destroyer)
    • Nuker
  2. These are more deadly bosses
    • Fallen Arena Closer (Killable arena closers that target top players)
    • Morpher(Changes tank frequently)
    • Engineer(Builds stuff)
    • Bullet Father(Controls bullets)
    • Copier (Changes tank to kill specific tanks. To kill an Overlord, Copier uses Pentashot )
    • Magician
  3. This type of boss affects servers
    • Shape Mother(Makes all shapes rebel, including drones. Has plenty of shape-related attacks)
    • The Hacker (Hacks it's stats, and the server, and people)
    • Warmonger(Causes wars)
    • Teamer(Makes people join it's team, where they are stuck until it dies. If someone in the team doesn't help Teamer, they are killed, spawning at lvl.1, gaining XP 3x slower.)
  4. This type of boss can DESTROY servers
    • Developer
    • Nothing


There is: FFA, TDM, 4TDM, Tag, Survival, Maze, Tournament, And Sandbox

On Tag/Survival you start at lvl.45

Domination is replaced by boss, which is TDM with faster xp gain, no bases, and Lots of bosses. Boss is the only gamemode with tier 3 bosses. Survival is renamed to Elimination


The mechanics of sandbox are greatly changed. In a menu, you can change your level, amount of skill points and stats. You can create AI tanks and shapes. You can also activate god mode, change tank, and change gameplay mechanics. If it is a party, only the owner and people the owner chooses have those powers. On sandbox you can customize if it is team, tag, boss, maze, and more to make a unique gamemode, if it is a party.

Other gamemodes

  • You can join public sandbox servers.
  • The tank editor/tester is a gamemode.


In Survival, there are waves of invaders, and you must survive with your team.


The survival mode that exists, renamed.


Some parts of the map have more things.


The Beginning

In the beginning, the world of became 2-D (It used to be 1-D) A form of consciousness that somewhat manipulates changes it the universe (Developer) got confused and made a grid to keep track of dimensions. From the grid, some squares popped out, making white squares. After years, Developer realized squares were made of lines: 4 lines. Developer used lines to make a Triangle and Pentagon. However it was hard to see those white shapes. After more years, the Developer realized lines were colors, And he made color. He chose random colors, and triangles became pink, squares became cyan, pentagons became blue. After MORE years, the developer realized the shapes were moving, and he increased movement in triangles to make drones.

The Creation Of Tanks

The Developer no longer made anything, because Drones were always crashing into each other, and it was fun to watch. Once two Drones collided instead of crashing. Other Drones tried to help but ended up getting stuck in the mess. After 120 Drones collided, all drones realized the 120 drones colliding made a new shape: Circles. Circles were mass-produced. Drones were still dominant. One day a circle wanted a still counterpart. I mean, Drones had Triangles. So The Circle Council (Circles were hyperintelligent) decided to kill the circle who wanted a still counterpart. Now he was still... Circles renamed themselves to Tanks.

The Tank Takeover

The Drones found out. They didn't wanna die, so they gave power of everything to tanks. One Drone refused, and... well, Tanks were very violent. They took out its life force, and debated what to use it for. The leader of all Tanks took it, cut a square in half, and used life force to attach it to himself. Then he took some circles, and put it inside the squares, and used the life force to make the circles into bullets. The leader of tanks invented barrels. After that, Tanks declared war on Drones to get life force. Every single drone in existence died, except one: The leader of Drones. He survived because he was very powerful. All his kids were as powerful, and they made a new race of Drones.

Stronger Bullets vs Crashers

When the Leader of Tanks was healing from war, One of The leader of Drones attacked him for revenge of killing Drones. The Leader of Tanks died. Shortly after, the other tanks used his dead body for bullets. These bullets were strong enough to kill drones. The Developer didn't want Tanks to kill Drones, so he gave the new Leader of Tanks some paint. Tank color changed from pink to blueish cyan. Circle color became gray. After that Drones attacked Tanks. Tanks basically made them bullets, and Triangles barrels. Developer was not happy, so he made Crashers. The Crashers were Magenta. Crashers were much weaker then Drones, but more common. Crashers and Tanks were at war for a long time. Eventually Tanks realized Drones could defend them, and Crashers stopped bothering them.

The Developers Revenge

Crashers were a distraction for Tanks. While tanks were fighting crashers, Developer was designing Tanks designed to kill them, called Bosses. He used life force to make The Spiked Spider. Its legs tossed away bullets, and its spikes killed Drones. Its Legs crushed baby Tanks, its Spikes killed adult Tanks. Tank Scientists stretched Drones to make Spikes, but The Spiked Spider's Spikes cut their spikes in half. A brave Scientist studied The Spiked Spider up close and realized there was a substance called power inside. There could only be one thing with power inside: Shapes. Tanks massacred shapes, and were powerful enough to defeat The Spiked Spider.

The Developers Revenge 2

Tanks took great interest in Spikes and Arms/Legs. The Developer learned from last time that power in bullets could kill Spikes/Legs/Arms. 90% of tanks were using those things. So The Developer created The Bullet Spammer. The Bullet Spammer killed a lot of Tanks, but seeing how Bullets could be used (Destroyer bullets, Multiple Barrels, Fast non-damaging bullets, and Snipers) Tanks switched their weaponry to barrels again. The Bullet Spammer was outnumbered. Tanks had so much weapons, that they learned Strategy. So when The Developer sent The Fallen Booster, they killed it and got it's technology. When the Teleporting Tank came, Tanks invented Auto Barrels

The Developers Revenge 3

The Developer did not give up. He learned about strength in numbers, so he sent The Professional Sniper and The Professional Killer, together, to kill. Nothing Tanks tried could stop them, but Tank Scientists told people to not all have the same weapon. The Developer was close to giving up, but he tried everything he tried so far: weapons that can kill them, and strength in numbers. The Developer sent Death Ray and Electric Burner. The Tank empire got destroyed. Developer was happy.

Rise of tanks

Few tanks survived, and they got rid of Drones. The Drones were not worth the trouble. Tanks built a new empire, and Tank Scientists eventually figured out how Death Ray and Electric Burner worked. They ran on energy, which was life force collided with life force. And with their new weapons, they felt strong enough to re-capture Drones. Developer threatened to destroy their new empire, and he offered to give them gifts if they set Drones free. Tanks set Drones free, and Developer gave them gifts: Healing and Freezing. That made it easier to capture and tame Drones. Nuker did his thing. (btw while Tanks were making a new empire more Shapes were created.)

Fall of Developer

Few tanks survived, and they said they would make better Drones, so they would be worth keeping. New Empire, Life force+Energy=Explosion, They did what they said. To prepare for the next thing Developer sent at them, they did Explosion+Energy=Magic. They felt strong. Developer knew they didn't fully understand magic, so he sent The Magician to haunt them. Drones killed her eventually. Developer sent Engineer and Morpher. They were captured. Tanks learned how to use energy in shapes for machinery, and energy in themselves for powers. Tanks killed Developer. The last thing Developer did was make his bosses respawn. He had more that were modeled of Morpher.

Modern Day

Tanks started fighting with each other. Before Tanks killed scientists, they invented simulations for testing of strategy. The knowledge of science was lost, and no one knows how to invent anything new. However, They do know how to customize themselves.

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