A group of warriors like none other. The quintet who preferred to fight as a group, seeing as they had strength in numbers. This strength was so great even the mighty Royale drained himself of his power in an attempt to defeat them when they challenged him, which he did, but at a cost. That discolored scar on his body is a constant reminder of that fateful battle with the weapon-swapping warriors.

Mechazord is the name of a Gladiator Boss, which is really a group of bosses, that spawn in The Arena, with a chance to replace Royale in all spawns outside of his gamemodes as part of The Extended Tale of Diep expansion. Idea by Diepmon.


The group known as Mechazord is made up of 5 individual tanks, with 6 swappable weapons between the five of them. All have yellow markings in the form of tiny triangles on them. Weapons are held to the bottom left and right of the main bosses, like Royale (they have arms too.)

The first, Rexthos, is a red Hybrid. His default weapons are a blue Protector tank with the Auto Turrets missing and a spike on the shield, and a pink Drill tank with two small spikes pointing outwards at an angle next to the drill lance.

The second, Theravolt, is a gold Booster which is 10% smaller than Rexthos. His default weapons are a green Striker tank and a black Ranger tank.

The third, Galactus, (no relation to the planet-eater) is a purple (with white accents on the sides) Battleship with one purple Stalker tank (not a swappable weapon) and a gray Spike tank mounted on a trapezoid as his default weapon. He is 10% larger than Rexthos.

The fourth, Titan, is a massive silver Mega Trapper, 30% larger than Rexthos. He has two non-swappable weapons, one of them being a Hatchet tank and the other being an Guillotine tank.

The last, Spydon, is a navy blue Triple Twin with a non-swappable weapon in the form of an Impaler tank, while the other weapon is an aqua blue tank with a mallet-like hammer. He is the same size as Rexthos.


This boss fight is unique in that there are 5 individual bosses that need to be defeated to win, like the Disciples of Dominion in a sense. However, what's new is that the bosses can swap their weapons back and forth, with the exception of Titan. There are 6 swappable weapons, and different attacks can be performed with individual weapons.

For simplicity, we will refer to the weapon units and bosses as follows:

  • D1 is Rexthos.
  • D2 is the Protector tank.
  • D3 is the Drill tank.
  • D4 is the Striker tank.
  • D5 is the Ranger tank.
  • D6 is Theravolt.
  • D7 is the hammer tank.
  • D8 is the Spike tank.
  • D9 is Galactus.
  • D10 is Titan.
  • D11 is Spydon.

The boss names will still be used, it is just the weapons that need numbers assigned to them. When switching weapons, two of them will toss one of their switchable weapons up in the air towards the other, switching their weapons. However, they have to be pretty close to each other to do this. If they are not close enough, the bosses will stop fighting whatever they're fighting and rush to the minimum distance they can throw. Switching weapons takes 1.5 seconds, but while they're switching they won't attack, so take that window of time and unleash your ammunition onto them!

All can combine in a flash of light with Rexthos, too. When that happens, whether weapons disappear or not depends. Remaining weapons are held as normal. Combiners are 25% larger than the others. When combined, Rexthos and the other member share a combined healthbar. Combinations are as follows:

  • Rexthos and Theravolt can combine. The new body is a red/gold gradient with a Booster barrel setup in the back, with one drone spawner in the middle. On the front is a Destroyer barrel. Two weapons disappear (those of Theravolt,) but will reappear when the two decombine.
  • Galactus and Rexthos can combine. The new body is a Battleship with a Destroyer barrel underneath the front Battleship spawners and a normal drone spawner underneath the rear Battleship spawners. The main body is the same, except the purple part has a slight red gradient. While Galactus's weapons remain, Rexthos's weapons disappear, but will reappear when the two decombine.
  • Titan and Rexthos can combine. The new body, which is a silver-red gradient, has a drone spawner with a Mega Trapper barrel on the back, and an Annihilator barrel on the front. This configuration requires Rexthos to be in possession of D2 and D3. Whichever bosses are holding D4 and D5 will voluntarily toss them towards Titan, who drops his weapons and combines with Rexthos. The final thing has D2 and D3 as the main weapons, as well as D5 as an Auto Turret. D2 is also holding a combination of D4 and Titan's weapons, like a giant pokey staff.
  • Spydon and Rexthos can combine. The new body is a navy-blue and red gradient Triple Twin with twin Destroyer barrels on the front and a drone spawner in between the two rear sets of Twin barrels. The weapons of Rexthos and Spydon are randomized from here, so two will disappear from the total four and will reappear when they decombine. The Impaler weapon belonging to Spydon is mounted on the top like an Auto Turret.


Normal Behaviors

  • Rexthos: Fires Destroyer bullets and use his two drones to chase down players like a normal Hybrid while using his weapons.
  • Theravolt: Attempts to ram into players while using his weapons, much like a Fallen Booster but he will change targets after a while.
  • Galactus: Prefers to form a drone shield around himself while using his weapons to fight, however he will also occasionally send some of the drones out to attack.
  • Titan: A close-range combatant, he prefers to charge into your face, launch a huge trap at you, and finish you off with his axe-like weapons.
  • Spydon: Usually fires all of his barrels in short bursts or spins quickly to release a spiral of bullets. He uses his weapons to fight, too.

Signature Attacks

Every 30–75 seconds, one of them will perform a signature attack. The order is random, so one can end up doing their signature attack 4 times in a row until another finally gets a chance to use his signature attack.

  • Chop N' Slash: Titan's signature attack. He charges at one target, and swings his body around it, dealing high damage while inflicting Broken for 5 seconds.
  • Tetrabolt: Theravolt's signature attack. He releases gold lightning bolts from his rear barrels, which deal medium damage and jump from player to player, up to 5 targets per bolt. The front barrel releases one big lightning bolt that hits one target, dealing damage equal to 3/4 of their max health.
  • Roar of Fire: Rexthos's signature attack. He fires a giant Destroyer bullet which glows with red fire, and upon impact with a target it sends out linear infernos in 4 random directons, all of which inflicts Burning for 4 seconds. The bullet itself does near-fatal damage.
  • Galactic Blast: Galactus's signature attack. He uses his Stalker barrel to fire a laser beam which has infinite penetration and is guaranteed to hit its target. The beam is as wide as the barrel's opening, is purple, and deals medium damage to anything that touches it, including the target. The beam also tries to hit as many things as it can before reaching the target, curving as it does so.
  • Fatal Wall: Spydon's signature attack. Spydon sets up his Impaler weapon in front of him, and draws in one player. He then brutally attacks the player with his other weapon while blasting with his barrels until they are dead. For this reason, this attack is 25% less likely to be chosen than the others when it comes time to choose which boss will perform their signature attack.

Weapon Attacks

Every once in a while, one or more of the bosses will use a special attack with one of their weapons. Those attacks are listed here.

  • Extendize: Used with D2. The lance extends out, and the shield shortens its width. It's just used like any other sword-lance weapon, but can still switch between shield and sword modes by reversing the process back and forth.
  • Drillstrike: Used with D3. The user charges up, and D3's drill gains energy that spirals around it, and upon impact with a target spins them around and flings them far away, dealing high impact and medium toss damage.
  • Chopper Vraker: Used with D4. The user charges and swipes at a target with D4, inflicting Weakened and Broken for 10 seconds as well as dealing high damaged.
  • Bullet Volley: Used with D5. An arc of high-speed shots are fired out from the barrels, with 11 bullets total. This is repeated 5 times, with the last volley being 44 bullets.
  • Hammer Punch: Used with D7. The end of the hammer is bluntly rammed into a target, inflicting Dazed, Confused, and Paralyzed for 3, 4, and 5 seconds each. It does low damage, but is followed up with a whack that knocks the target back a great distance while dealing medium damage.
  • Wrecking Spike: Used with D8. D8 is released on a chain, its Spike shell spinning like a buzzsaw. The chain is wildly swung around in a ring trajectory, dealing heavy impact damage on contact and medium knockback. Lasts for 15 seconds and other attacks can still be used during this time.

Combiner Attacks

Combinations only occur below 4/7 health of both bosses involved in the combination and last for 60–75 seconds before being disengaged. Apart from attacking normally, they have combiner attacks that can be used once during a combination. No combination can be used more than four times in one battle. Remember when the combination is active that both bosses involved share their health. When they decombine, they are released with the health spread evenly between them.

  • Threadblitz: Used with the Rexthos-Theravolt combination. The combiner charges at a group of tanks, and electrocutes them all for 1/2 of their current health, before following up with a Weapon Attack above.
  • Groundpounder: Used with the Galactus-Rexthos combination. A spike extends from the Stalker's barrel, and is shot out into the ground a short distance away. A crevice opens, and the combiner jumps on it, opening the crevice even more. After 20 seconds, the crevice disappears, but any tanks within that time that wander into the crevice will get stuck.
  • Titan Cannon: Used with the Titan-Rexthos combination. The combiner sets its 3-pronged weapon up in front of it, and D5 moves onto the top of it. After 2 seconds, a single white and wide laser beam is released that deals 300 damage to anything that touches it. This means certain death for most tanks.
  • Spinebrush: Used with the Spydon-Rexthos combination. The combiner fires off 5 groups of 2 Destroyer bullets from its front barrels, all while pulling tanks or polygons (it is indifferent between the two) into them with the Impaler hook mounted up top. The bullets look like Spikes and deal 1.75x damage and inflict Broken for 10 seconds.


  • The first multi-piece boss I have created where each unit is an individual. Probably also the most creative.
  • Oh, come on. Is the reference not that obvious?
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