The Medic is a Tier 2 Tank that upgrades from the Tank.


The Medic looks like a normal Tank, except that a red cross is on its body. Its gun is also replaced by a healing gun that shoots bullets with a red cross in the middle. The healing bullets heal any allies on hit. The Medic will also heal any friendly tanks that touch this tank. Healing Bullets will still deal damage to enemies but not much. Healing tanks does not use up the Bullet's HP. However, there is a limit to the number of times that the bullet can heal, determined by a new stat called Max Heal Limit.


Upon upgrading to the Medic:

  • Bullet Damage and Penetration is decreased by 35% and is now limited to 4 points each (meaning that you can only have 4 points of Bullet Damage and 4 points of Bullet Penetration at maximum).
  • A new stat called Healing Power appears. Healing Power determines the amount of HP given to allies.
  • Another new stat called Max Heal Limit appears. Max Heal Limit determines the limit of times that a bullet can hit and heal allied tanks before the bullet loses its healing ability. Bullets that have lost their healing ability no longer have a red cross on them.
  • Bullet Speed is increased significantly.
  • Movement Speed is increased.
  • Health Regen is increased.
  • Bullet Knockback is increased (in order for the Medic to push away attacking melee builds).
  • Max Health and Body Damage are decreased by 38%, and you can now only have 5 points of Max Health and 5 points of Body Damage at maximum.

Interaction with disguised Spies

The Medic will not heal disguised Spies.


Strong Against: Other Medics

Weak Against: Non-Medic tanks


  • Based off the TF2 Medic.
  • It is disabled for ALL free-for-all games except Sandbox.
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