The Mega Sawer is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Sawer. It has a bigger saw that deals more damage when in contact on an enemy while spinning. It cannot upgrade any further.


The Mega Sawer features a circular body and a saw rod. The saw is bigger than that of the Sawer.


Featuring a bigger saw, the Mega Sawer can deal more damage than its predecessor using the saw. With an increase in its Saw Strength, the new formula for it is 22 + (7 * n), with n standing for the number of upgrade points invested to it.

In exchange of higher damage output, the Mega Sawer has its Saw Spin Rate decrease in performance:

Number of Points Invested in Saw Spin Rate Cooldown Before Re-Spinning the Saw
0 7.5
1 7.1
2 6.8
3 6.5
4 6.2
5 6
6 5.9
7 5.8
8 5.75
9 5.7

Note that this does not affect how long does the saws spin when activated. They still spin for 5 seconds.


With a bigger saw, the Mega Sawer has more coverage in terms of attacking as well as defending. It can deal more damage, but it requires a bit more time to recharge before able to spin its saw again.

Some of the tanks of Overseer branch may have trouble defeating this tank, unless if they timed right to attack while the Mega Sawer's saw is inactive. Battleship and Factory still have easier time to defeat it thanks to their spread drone distribution.

With a larger saw, some tanks will have more trouble to deal with it. Tanks with only a single weapon that do not have fast firing rate might end up getting killed, like the Sniper. Smasher tanks will also have an even more trouble.


  • MegaSawer

    Mega Sawer using the previous design of saw rod. Pic by AU12321.

    The Mega Sawer is one of the tanks that deals the highest damage in the game.

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