The Mega Torpedo is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Torpedo at level 45 and cannot upgrade further. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The torpedo launcher now takes up the entire front of the tank, similar to the Annihilator.

Attack methods

Like the Destroyer, the Mega Torpedo fires a larger version of its predecessor's ammunition.


When upgraded from the Torpedo:

  • Health Regen is increased.
  • Bullet Speed is strangely unaffected, unlike one would expect.
  • Explosion Radius and Bullet Damage are drastically increased.
  • Reload is decreased.
  • Recoil is increased.



Your torpedoes are immensely powerful, to the point that they rival the Missiler in terms of damage. 5 shots can kill a Dominator. Again, if a torpedo comes into contact with an enemy base, the explosion is powerful enough to damage those in the base. Only this time, the blast is able to reach deep enough to kill or severely damage those hiding in the rear of the base.


Usually, the strategy against an Annihilator should work fine against this tank. However, do not try to ram it, for if you take a direct hit from a mega torpedo, you are destined to perish. Bullet spamming still works.

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