Mier is a...... boss that has a 5% chance to replace the Arena Closers when an arena closes. Created by Fall Out Wave.


Well, how do I explain this thing? Uh... let's just say she looks like this thing's head.

Battle details

Mier's only method of attack is to fall flat on her face. Very funny, huh?! Well then let me tell you that when she falls flat on her face, it does damage equivalent to its current health to everything around it, including Polygons, Bosses, Tanks and pretty much everything that has health. Mier also has 99.999% damage resistance, so good luck killing her. God Mode? Too bad, she ignores it. Also, she happens to have an insanely fast regeneration speed of 100000 health per 10 seconds. So surrender to the glorious Mier or die.

If you somehow manage to kill Mier, it rewards absolutely no experience. Instead, the Arena closes again, with another 5% chance of a Mier spawn...


  • Don't ask about this thing's origin. You don't wanna know.
  • Mier is meant to close the server. Of course she is OP.
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