The Minelayer is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Tank at level 30. It can further upgrade to the Fragmenteer, Gas Bomb, Flashbang, Molotov or Minesweeper at level 45. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Minelayer looks like a basic tank, but the barrel has 2 horns sticking out of it, curving frontwards.

Attack methods

The Minelayer, true to its name, lays down explosive mines not unlike Traps laid by the Trapper. The main difference between this and a Trapper is that Mines (which are basically small Landmines with a yellow pulsing light on them) become invisible upon being laid down after 1 second, and explode into pure damage when touched. Each Mine does the exact same damage of a Destroyer bullet, including at different Bullet Damage stats. When a Mine's lifespan expires, they explode. Bullets do not affect Mines; Drones and Traps however do. Prior to detonating, Mines become visible for half a second and the yellow light glows red. Then the Mine goes boom. A Mine has a blast radius of 10x10 tiles.


When compared to the Tank:

  • Bullet Speed is decreased.
  • Bullet Penetration is now Mine Lifespan and each mine lasts for 20 seconds before detonating. Each point in Mine Lifespan adds 2 seconds.
  • Bullet Damage is increased.
  • Reload is decreased to that of a Sniper.
  • Movement Speed is slightly increased.
  • Recoil is increased by a mediocre level.
  • FoV is increased to that of a Sniper.



The Minelayer is a good offensive class as the mines you lay down can do heavy damage to enemies when they attempt to chase you down. The fact that Bullets cannot affect Mines is a double-edged sword; You have no defense against them, nor do they have any defense against you. When fighting a Trapper, their (possibly) higher reload will cancel out your explosive mines, so not much progress can be made. Shooting a Mine into a bunch of Drones will destroy them all almost immediately, and repeat to eventually get the Drone using tank.

An important thing to note is that Mines have no effect on enemy Mines, so either you run into the enemy's Mines or they run into yours.

The Minelayer in team modes is an invaluable supporting tank as you can hide behind friendly bullet spammers while laying down Mines (that are visible to teammates) to defend your team from rammers and enemies that are closing in a low-health teammate. You could use your Mines to disperse enemy Traps and Drones while your teammates go in for the kill.


Bullet spammers with high Bullet Speed can generally take on the Minelayer as long as they don't actually touch the Mines. Snipers will take out the Minelayer easily because the Mines cannot block bullets. Beware of random stray Mines as they could seriously damage you. Ramming tanks will have a hard time getting to the Minelayer, but if they are fast enough they can escape the Mine's blast zone before they blow. This is very hard to do though.

What is possibly the Minelayer's worst nightmare is an Auto Trapper with maximum Bullet Speed, Damage, Penetration and Reload as while the Traps fend off the Mines, the Auto Turret can get the Minelayer itself easily.


  • The Minelayer is my first tank made after a long hiatus of not making any tanks, since the Fume Sprayer which was way back on March 30, prior to the Merge.
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