The Minesweeper is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Minelayer and the Smasher at level 45. It cannot upgrade further. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Minesweeper is a Smasher, but it has a green (or team colour) light on top of it like a Mine. Said light emits a large radar grid, complete with rotating light...rod...thing.

Attack methods

The Minesweeper, upgrading from the Smasher, is a ramming tank. What separates this from a normal Smasher is the Minesweeper's ability to detect invisible things. If the Minesweeper's radar happens to detect an invisible tank near it, the invisible tank's invisibility gets dispersed a bit without it actually taking damage. The closer the invisible tank is to the Minsweeper, the less the invisibility. However, the real thing the Minesweeper gets its name from, is the fact that it can detect invisible Mines left behind by all the other tanks that branch off the Minesweeper.


When compared to the Minelayer:

  • Mine Lifespan, Bullet Damage, Bullet Speed and Reload are removed.
  • Health Regen, Max Health, Body Damage and Movement Speed can be upgraded to 10.

When compared to the Smasher:

  • Nothing changes.



Just play this like you would play a normal Smasher. The fact that you can detect invisible tanks can be a huge advantage against other Minelayer upgrades as you are aware of where their Mines are, though fighting at close range can be risky as they can just shoot Mines in your face.


Counter this like you would counter a Smasher. Just don't use Stalker or Manager. If you have to, try to run before it gets too close.

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